The true causes of heart disease, with Malcolm Kendrick

Sebastian Rushworth Malcolm Kendrick heart disease podcast

I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast of my own for a while now, where I talk to the most interesting and original thinkers in health and medicine. I listen to a lot of medical and health science podcasts, and there are some that are truly excellent, such as The Drive with Peter Attia, Ivor Cummins’ Fat Emperor podcast, and the Diet Doctor podcast with Bret Scher, but they’re still far too few to keep me satisfied. There are of course many more, often organized by the big medical journals themselves, which are also ok, but they shy away from interviewing the people with really groundbreaking things to say, because those things often fall outside of the current dominant dogmas. And as we know, the big medical journals are all about maintaining the status quo.

So, since there clearly aren’t enough of the types of podcast that I want to listen to out there, I figured that I have to start one of my own. Well, voila!

In this first episode I talk to Dr. Malcolm Kendrick about his new book “The Clot Thickens”. We discuss why the traditional LDL/cholesterol hypothesis of heart disease is wrong, and why the scientific evidence actually supports an alternate hypothesis much more strongly. That alternate hypothesis is the thrombogenic hypothesis, which we go through in some detail. Finally, Malcolm tells us what people should be doing in order to protect themselves from heart disease.

You can watch the interview here.

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21 thoughts on “The true causes of heart disease, with Malcolm Kendrick”

  1. Thank you for this – a wonderful chance to see the two of you together.

    It is ironic that you discussed chronic stress as being a CVD factor and that people should take steps to reduce it if their circumstances permit. Change job, location, maybe relationships & so on. Also the importance of social networks.

    I don’t think I’m alone in being permanently stressed by the insanity of responses to the covid ‘threat’ all over the world. The global obsession with jabbing entire populations has fractured our social networks and families. My wife’s brother refuses to speak to us & has decided that we are ‘anti-vaxxers’. He doesn’t ‘do’ science, so proper conversation was impossible in any event.

    Today, in England, I ventured into a couple of shops without wearing the mandated nosebag. It was joyful to discover that I wasn’t alone in doing so, but we were a small minority and each individual was subjected to a noticeable level of hostility. I wonder to what extent any excess deaths are down to heart attacks caused by the stress of living in a lunatic asylum.

    As Shakespeare’s Henry V said; “We few, we happy few . . .” – I’ve done the ‘few’ bit, but how can I get to ‘happy’? They tell me that when I own nothing I will be happy, but I’m not convinced yet.

    The only thing I could do to reduce this stress would be to relocate – but then I would lose contact with the few friends & family that I have left. Besides, how long can Sweden hold out against the pressure? Nowhere else on the planet has remained even part way rational. Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand – they’re all basket cases.

    I’ll stop venting – keep doing what you do.

    P.S. I loved your covid book. You could do a ‘reverse interview’ on it with Malcolm Kendrick.

    1. If you have family that ‘don’t do science’ they might do this –
      Disney+ have a wonderful docudrama called Dopesick.
      It is a dramatisation showing how the pharma company Perdu lied about having a non-addictive opioid painkiller. Naturally the pankiller was one of the most addictive substances known to man, they killed hundreds of thousands of people and ruined the lives of millions more. The drama explores how this pharma company corrupted the FDA to get approval, how they manipulated the medical profession into prescribing their drug and how they corrupted the journals in order to buy good press.
      Perdu actually created entire new areas of medical thought regarding pain management that was specifically done to make prescribing their medication all but certain.
      It is an excellent series and anyone with half a brain can see how covid-19 is essentially this story on a larger scale.

      1. I’ll see if I can track the film down. Will it cheer me up?

        There was a very corny film called Kingsman a few years ago. It, too, has many parallels to our current predicament. Worth ensuring the mindless violence to see the story pan out.

    2. Ditto, in every respect

      The scenario where 200 ants are in a jar, 100 black ones and 100 red ones. All happy. Then some WEF bod picks up the jar and shakes it – the 2 groups start attacking the other. They (of course) assume it is the other group attacking them, when, in reality it is the external agitator. We’ve just been cut off from my SIL (already have v strained relations with my sister). The common factor seems to be us, but polarisation of the 2 groups has been successful.

      1. @ George Burn: Agreed. It’s all textbook stuff. But the ant ratio is 9:1 here. What do you think the outcome is going to be?

      2. Sorry for the pessimistic view, but whether it’s the majority supporting the governments’ policies or the governments imposing those policies being controlled by world banks, etc., the outcome is the same.

        In the first scenario, the majority needs to be convinced that what the governments are doing is wrong and the governments will stop the Covid nonsense to win elections.

        In the second scenario, the majority needs to be convinced that the governments are being controlled and that what they are doing is wrong (obviously even harder) so the governments would be overthrown electing new governments. In other words a revolution as the most oppressive governments will suspend the elections during the declared pandemic state of emergency.

    3. Probably most of us here had the same experience, loosing friends and family members over Covid and the vaccines. I was quite surprised how ugly those who were against getting a vaccine turned on the unvaccinated after they decided to get the jab to be able to “participate in the economy”, as our Premier says (we live in Victoria, Australia). I think this is because in a sense they “sold themselves” and did not feel good about, and since people do not get angry at themselves for too long, they turned that anger on the unvaccinated. Up the point “they [the unvaccinated] should not be admitted to a hospital, they deserve to die if they’re refusing to get vaccinated”.

      In his earlier article Sebastian provided a plausible explanation to why the governments do what they’re doing, speaking of a “silver bullet” – the vaccine as a way of digging themselves out of the hole they put themselves in by overacting to Covid. But now, in countries that fully vaccinated 90% of their population like VIC and NSW in Australia they should be coming out of the hole, but they do not. I now think that the real reason is and has always been quite simple, giving people what they want to guarantee to be re-elected. The overwhelming majority of people supports what their governments are doing and they are getting more numerous and more supportive, not less by getting vaccinated and supporting it afterwards. New Zealand had a chance to elect a party with the leader that promised to end the Covid insanity and they re-elected Jacinda Ardern. I have no doubt that our Premier that is going to get his bill approved tomorrow, the bill that will allow him to declare a state of emergency at any time just by following a pandemic advice of his health minister (even if the pandemic is not in Australia), will get re-elected next year.

      1. Andre, I’m also in Victoria, where Dictator Dan has had such a ‘good’ run with lockdowns. I have shared many articles re covid and vaccine damage on Facebook. It is interesting that they have been completely ignored by FB friends, most of whom have had the jab. Yet if I post a funny cat video, the likes and laughs and shares are there in abundance. They don’t want to be reminded that they queued up for the jab before doing their homework, it seems.

      2. I’m beginning to wonder about the entire voting process. It’s the people who count the votes who matter.

        The US election fraud perpetrated by the establishment could well be happening all over the world. Do they use the same ‘tabulation technology’ such as Dominion related equipment?

      3. It could be the governments are not calling the shots. It is world banks, corporations, and NGOs that are moving things towards a new future. Looking at the situation as a medical situation without considering the overall goal, I think, is an error. The medical “emergency” is a vehicle. It is not about left vs right, one candidate against another – they are minor players in this game of VPs (DIDs), CBDCs, social credit system, social credit, concept of human capital. This is not a theory – it is published on the WEF website in plain site. Unfortunately for those who are discussing the minutiae of new variants and how these are precipitated by the mass vaccine rollout are fiddling whilst Rome burns (Western freedoms are being destroyed). I do get that we need to discredit the vaccine passport and use medical analysis to do that, in order to wake people up, but I am convinced most of the world is being played, and looking at the bigger picture is more helpful, before it is too late to act.

      4. We in Canada did the same, re-electing the aspiring tyrant Justin Trudeau. He didn’t get all that many votes, just enough with the marxist NDP supporting his ‘progressive’ agenda to have a majority. The Conservatives lost any chance of winning by abandoning all conservative principles and losing votes to the only conservative party, the upstart Peoples Party of Canada.

  2. Thank you Sebastian, for a wonderful interview. I’ve been a fan of Dr Kendrick’s blog for many years (and now yours, too). He is certainly the type of thinking person that medical science needs. The stress part was interesting….will we see a rise in heart deaths following the lockdown strategies? It wouldn’t be surprising.

  3. This sounds like a great first episode! I’d love to watch/listen to your podcast if it becomes available on a different medium. I prefer audio I can download and listen to while traveling and working out, but regardless of the type of content I would like to be able to assess information without running into the censorship and data collection issues of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    I appreciate you taking the time to write this blog and share your thoughts on health and medical research. It’s refreshing to read candid and thoughtful assessments that don’t force a conclusion from insufficient or conflicting data – thank you!

  4. It sounds interesting but I am not so good Englishreader- or -writer. Thanks for the offer, I will think it over!

  5. Please don’t do too many podcasts or maybe at least transcribe them too. I prefer to read as its quicker.

  6. Excellent information. Personally like how the specialist that’s being interviewed touched on Ancel Keys and how the pharmaceutical company’s dictate what the GPs promote

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