Covid: Everything on the table

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A group of German celebrities have started the campaign “alles auf den tisch”, which literally means “everything on the table”. It’s a reaction to the shocking lack of indepence and critical oversight that has been exhibited by journalists ever since the pandemic began. The purpose of the campaign is to break through the blinkered media narrative that exists in relation to covid, and allow a wider range of thoughts and opinions to get out.

In order to accomplish this, the celebrities have interviewed a large number of doctors and scientists who have thus far been sidelined by the mainstream media, and put the interviews up on their site The campaign appears to have been pretty effective so far, since the site crashed on launch due to the massive amount of traffic it was getting. Luckily it’s up and running again now. As a part of the campaign, I was interviewed by violinist Linus Roth. We talked about happenings in Sweden, the covid death rate, and lockdowns. The interview is short but sweet, only around twenty minutes long. You can watch it here.

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53 thoughts on “Covid: Everything on the table”

    1. The interview itself is in English and if you press the “caption” button, you can see the transcript – there are some errors (because it is transcripted by youtube automatically), but it is pretty good.

    2. Sebastian’s excellent interview is in English as is:

      This is on the spike protein and makes some very interesting points- especially that basing the mRNA vaccines on the most toxic part of the virus may have been a poor choice.

      I wonder if someone with contacts with the group could see if they could mount an English playlist on their YT channel for the German-challenged.

  1. A balanced view. Especially touched by the final observations since I live in a village in which the only café/pub was knocked out by the second wave. Was run by a 24-year-old girl, no idea whartshe does now. My personal story: just turned 90, had the full set of symptoms in already May 2020, disease never took hold but lack of smell and heavy morning breathing problem still remain. Was offered vaccination as a prioority case because of age but declined. My belief was, and remains, that those who get the disaese seriously are people with a poor immune defence in general. There has ben too much media attention on vaccination rather than personal immune defence. Would appreciate your comments by email

    1. What a wonderful anecdote. We hear so much about elderly dying and it is true but it is refreshing to hear from someone who survived (although I wish your symptoms would go away) and who also are not terrified of it still but are living life! Good luck! I hope you heal completely.

    2. There are some treatments available for those who have lost their smell. Dr. Berg thinks it has to do with insulin resistance because most insulin receptors in the brain are located in the olfactory areas. Others, such as the FLCCC (Frontline Doctors) offer a protocol to help clear the virus using anti-virals such as that which will not be named. There are also olfactory exercises using oils to “shock” the system. A bit off the Covid subject but my son at the age of 13 had a longboard accident that resulted in a concussion (no, the boy was not wearing a helmet!). He recovered form the concussion after two weeks but was left with a lingering lack of smell. Only recently has it returned, over 20 years later. We researched a taste/smell clinic in D.C. but never followed up. Their methods included daily exercises with multiple vials of strong smells to “awaken” the area of the brain. His sense of smell has since returned, glad to say.

    3. My 90 year old mum just got it in hospital.
      Went there for another reason. She is back home and doing well. (In Ireland)

  2. Thank you for a interesting interview. I would like to hear more about the people that had been hurt by the vaccine.

  3. This video was great, with a sensible balanced view. I live in Toronto, Canada where there have been the harshest lockdowns in all of North America. With more information available internationally I hope that our leaders and politicians will realize that the scripted lines they keep feeding to the public are not actually true. Please, let’s get “everything on the table” in terms of our willingness to consider alternative perspectives. I’m a huge fan of your blog Dr. Rushworth- thank you so much for the contributions you’re making to our collective knowledge.

  4. Wonderful. The interview should be as widely propagated for its fluency as for its content. It puts full-time journalists to shame.

    As an Englishman, I am particularly humbled by this articulate, polite and informative conversation between a German and a Swede. Few of my fellow countrymen speak our mother tongue as proficiently as you two gentlemen.



  5. Did the celebs interview anyone who challenged the validity of the claims of state of emergency due to an infectious contagion health threat?

    “What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” — Christopher Hitchens

    By demanding proof in the form of a controlled scientific lab experiments that: a. SARS2 has been isolated. b. SARS2 is the cause of the COVID-19 condition/illness. c. SARS2 can be transmitted between humans. It is my understanding that none of these proofs exist. None. Never. Controls being essential to detect error (or fraud) in the method. Virology’s foundations is all smoke and mirrors. No controls are ever done. So it is anti-science. Peer reviewed “consensus” is controlled/owned. This is their big lie. Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI).

    It’s not so difficult for honest science experts to read virology “proof” papers any establish the validity of the methods used.

    Why, as of Sept 28th, 2021, have 110 institutions and offices in 24 countries/jurisdictions lawfully responded to freedom of information requests, and none have provided or cited any record describing “SARS-COV-2” virus isolation? None!?

    What pandemic?

    1. Jon Rappoport was ahead of the curve on this one. No virus in Wuhan but a whole lot of extreme air pollution. ~~> and pneumonia, pneumonia, pneumonia…etc

      Which supports the notion that there is no virus to prove because all of the symptoms can be accounted for by previously identified pathologies. The only thing different about this “pandemic” are the adjusted definitions of cases, the blatant manipulation of data, the dysfunctional way of accumulating and tracking data, the double-standard applied to “cause” of CV-19 and “cause” of vaccine injury, the tendency to rely on shitty science by Fauci et al when really good science is available to them, even some from his own agency, and the relatively rapid evolution (or devolution) of mainstream media from real journalism into voices of the revenue-paying orthodoxy aka business / marketing plans, all made possible by hardcore systemic censorship — Inquisition 2.0 — of all things contrary to the business plan designed to protect itself from liability and make the product mandatory worldwide. Captive consumer audience? Oh my.

      1. Absolutely agreed. Yes Rapportport was way ahead on this. Since late 2019 he was exposing it.

        “What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” — Christopher Hitchens

        We don’t have to prove anything. Just demand them to prove it.

        Epidemiological observations do not prove the existence of anything. Nor does it determine the specific cause for any human condition. The role of epidemiological observations is to record that fact that people exhibit certain symptoms under certain patterns and to propose a hypothesis that needs to be tested to understand the cause.  A cause remains to be determined.   Any competent and honest scientist or physician would agree that epidemiological observations alone do not prove the existence of a disease causing virus.

        We live in a time when mainstream science is not interested in finding the truth. There is no financial motivation/funding, plus we have most individuals being too fearful to consider uncomfortable truths. This is a huge problem. But the bubble of lies in virology is now massive, and too many industry insiders are aware and now “holding pins”. A ripple can easily overflow the cup. So it’s a matter of time. But remember the list of dead whistle-blower scientists and doctors is a very long list with many recent additions.  A lot of innocent survivors are going to be very pissed off. But there’s a saying that we have to first see hell to be able to see heaven. So the utter garbage that is virology science must first get worse and it will.  It’ll be a very volatile period of change, but the world will re-balance to become so much better.  To understand the fraud and truth, most fundamental and simple thing to learn is how they claim to isolate a virus.

    2. “What pandemic?”

      What do you think the patients occupying 60% of ICU beds in my local UK hospital are there with? Some kind of pyschosomatic illness, or government plot?
      One of the real joys of these forums are the links to weird and wonderful websites I would not have been aware of before, but these 2 really do take the biscuit.
      Physicists have not been able to collect a bucket of electrons, therefore they do not exist. This is the logic employed to deny the existence of SARS 2 virus, or indeed, any virus. The presumably Swedish lady is suggesting that it is necessary to inject healthy people with pure virus to see if they become ill before it can be accepted that SARS 2 virus exists. Surely this must be a spoof, or maybe auditioning for the next series of Monty Python?

    3. I suspect you have had these questions answered again and again but reject the answers because they don’t match your preconceived notions. I typically see this approach to life from the progressives who choose to be willing ignorant to the inconvient facts that don’t match their worldview. In short, they are immune to reality and reason.

      This type of blind adherance to ideology is not solely practiced by the left; witness the Q-Anon conspiracies popular with some on the fringe of the American right.

  6. It is good that these voices are now being heard. It is the same here in the UK. With a couple of exceptions alternative views about the way the pandemic should have been handled have been sidelined by the mainstream media. I find it extremely sinister that this has been the case and do not see how it could have happened without a directive from Governments. This is not a medical issue but needs investigation just as much as the medical issues.

  7. Sebastian,

    I love your interview, just two remarks:

    1. (technical) the link to the interview is set to start at 105″ into the video, which I find strange.

    2.(more to the point) your claim that “there is no evidence that lockdowns are even slightly effective” seems to contrast with (a paper and) a talk that John Ioannidis recently gave at the University of Salzburg, Austria:

    judging from his work it seems like hard mesaures *are* effective to slow down / stop the spread of the virus, whereas, however, light interventions seem to be on par with the harder ones. and he agrees with you that the price to pay in exchange is too high to justify any of it. (and I agree, too, of course.)


    1. There’s a particular kind of lockdown that is very effective at preventing the spread of disease. It involves sealing people into their homes by welding steel plates over their doors and windows.

      It’s not my fault if the cure is worse than the disease.

    2. One problem with lockdowns is places with lockdowns don’t show consistently better results than those without — barring a police state that forcebly keeps people isolated.

      The biggest problem is the other effects of lockdowns — depression, increased drug & alcohol abuse, increased domestic disturbances, etc. Statistically, the years of life lost from the effects of the lockdowns is higher than the number saved.

      The adverse effects of the lockdowns on youth cannot be too heavily emphasized.

  8. Thank you Dr, your work and that of others, instills in me hope for the future and reassurance of the inherent goodness in humanity, that appears to have been lost/forgotten. Thanks also to the team of celebrities doing these interviews and being of such valuable service to everyone in these times of need.

  9. Hi,
    I read a story about the Covid outbreak in Sweden early on during the pandemic that if someone is elderly or older than 70 and get’s seriously ill ICU care is not available. If that’s true wouldn’t that contribute to the seemingly high mortality rate in Sweden?

    1. It isn’t true, at least not for 70+, maybe more true for 85+. A decision is always made by an ICU doc whether or not to admit a patient to the ICU, and if the patient is deemed to be so frail that there is no chance of surviving intensive care, then they won’t be admitted to the ICU. It’s possible there was also some triage happening during the peak, in which people who would normally be admitted to ICU weren’t because of a lack of ICU beds. Since I’m not an ICU doc, I can’t say the extent to which that was the case.

      1. People in care homes are there because they can no longer manage the activities of daily living. In the US, the median time to death in a care home is something like 5 weeks. It does not seem rational to subject people at the end of life to the stress of the ICU except in selected cases. I have great respect for one of my aunts. My grandfather asked not to be returned to hospital when he had another attack. When it came, she gave him the prescribed medications and held his hand until he died.

  10. Video was not up to the teaser email. Did not fully address the media’s failure to give an honest hearing to all sides.

  11. But isn’t the question too blunt? Lockdown vs “not doing anything”?

    Personally, I like working from home, but I want schools to be open so my daughter can go… And, let me focus on work 🙂

    Before the pandemic, I wasn’t allowed to work from home so for me this has been a great change. I utilize this fully by even working from another country, which allows me to live with my family. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to live together.

    We did spend some time under “lockdown”, basically one month of house arrest. That was terrible on many fronts, children running crazy at home, us parents overeating etc etc.

    So, yeah, I am a lucky one here… Being already married with kids, I don’t really have much time, energy nor need to socialise with others so I didn’t suffer much in this regard.

    Of course, I understand the suffering from those who were or got m lonely. In particular young adults who basically lost a year from education, partying and lost work opportunities. And obviously, the elderly…

    And on a political note, it all got very unjust, also in Sweden, the middle-class, happily married middle-age people with stable good jobs fared well while many others were left to dry.

    So, lockdown vs “not doing anything”? I think its OK to portray Sweden as successful by having followed a path containing more common sense and less panic than its european peer nations. I am especially applauding the effort of trying to educate people instead of mandating this or that.

    But, it was not “not doing anything”, measures and mandates were put in place, countless press conferences, new legislation, limited sports and cultural events, vaccine roll-out and so on…

    1. The paper only looks at young people who developed an infection and presented themselves at a clinic. It ignores the young people who were exposed and never presented themselves at a clinic, which is a far, far greater number than those who developed an infection and showed up at a clinic.

      So, what you want to know is the risk from myocarditis from covid v. risk from myocarditis for a jab.

      So you get the total number of cases of myocarditis ostensibly stemming from a covid infection and divide it by the population count for males age 12-17. It’s a mistake to divide the myocarditis cases by the number of infections for males age 12-17.

      The authors made a fundamental error.

      1. Good catch. They claim for example, “Young males infected with the virus are up 6 times more likely to develop myocarditis as those who have received the vaccine.” You suggest this in wrong. I agree. What they show is, young males, “who show up at a clinic with covid-19” are 6 times more likely(to present myoc) than young males who show up at a clinic with adverse reaction to a covid-19 vaccine. This does means that “of those who have either more severe cases of covid-19 or stronger adverse reaction to its vaccine” it’s 6x more likely that covid-19 patients have hasher symptoms (myoc) than those having harsher adverse reactions (myoc) to the vaccine. This begs the question, do more covid-19 unvaccinated young males (or females) land in the icu than covid-19 vaccinated? And when they land in icu, are they more likely to have myoc than those vaccinated? It appears that more (younger) covid-19 infected land in icu, with myoc, than vaccinated covid-19 land in icu with vaccine-induce myoc. Which still further begs the question, how many younger, stronger, non-symptomatic individuals infect older, more vulnerable individuals? I don’t have answers. Only questions, and evidence that for a time hospitals were/are indeed overrun with excess, and very severe covid-19 cases. For those who suggest this is not so, what was the cause of the huge spike in icu cases? Claiming its not “something” is one thing. Claiming it did/does not happen is something else, imho.

      2. We have evidence that hospitals have understaffed themselves (and continue to inflict wounds on themselves with vaccine mandates) and have turned away business by postponing “elective” procedures and screening, assuredly harming public health.

        We have evidence that doctors have engaged in massive failure to treat covid despite there being adequate evidence of benefit from early treatment with antivirals.

        We have evidence of massive panic mongering by public health authorities and the media.

        We have evidence that covid mortality is associated with zinc and vitamin D deficiencies (at a level required for immune competence) and that public health authorities have failed to advocate supplementation with zinc and vitamin D to improve public health.

        We have evidence that the CDC has failed to report autopsies on VAERS deaths.

        We have compelling evidence that social distancing is of no benefit for reducing covid transmission.

        We have strong evidence that masks don’t reduce covid transmission by the public.

        We have evidence that the public health authorities have failed to test early antiviral treatment on high risk covid patients despite advocating the same for flu.

        We have evidence that the FDA withdrew its EUA for HCQ based on a now-retracted Lancet article and did not revisit the EUA after the article was withdrawn.

        We have evidence that Fauci was funding gain of function research at the Wuhan lab.

        We have evidence that professional monitoring organizations are creating a climate of fear for doctors who might speak up about dangers from vaccines.

        I have seen evidence that hospitals are likely deceiving their employees by implying evidence of reduction in deaths from vaccines when the deaths likely all occurred before vaccines were rolled out.

        The CDC lied about the unvaccinated being the big risk at hospitals and took weeks to admit its lie.

        We have lots of evidence for lots of things despite still having questions.

      3. I cannot follow your logic here. If you divide the number of myocarditis cases by the total number of young males 12-17 you would get the absolute risk of myocarditis. To get the risk of myocarditis because of a covid infection, which is what is really required, surely you would use the number of infections as the denominator.
        The paper is not totally useless. Clearly they have used methods that require some assumptions that may or may not be correct to estimate the total number of infections rather than solely the number of those who showed up at a clinic to obtain the adjusted rates. They also have used a figure for the vaccinated rate of myocarditis from the literature rather than their own measurements in the studied population.

      4. Ok, Dr. Kestin. The article doesn’t totally ignore the percentages of equal age covid infectees who never presented at a clinic or ED. It estimates that they were equal size with those who did, which is absurd and needs to be highlighted in the study limitations.

        The paper seems to be most concerned with pointing out that clinicians need to look for myocarditis in covid patients who present at a clinic or ED. I find no fault in that, but I object to any broad interpretation that the risk of myocarditis from covid is greater in the equal age population at large than the risk of myocarditis from vaccines and there needs to be a warning in the paper precisely about that point. The only data in the paper supporting that interpretation is a SWAG.

        So I agree that the paper isn’t totally useless, but it needs some work.

      5. Also, the paper needs to be renamed, including the word “estimates” in the title. As it is, it conveys the idea that the paper relies on certainty, which is actually lacking. The term “SWAG” comes to mind.

        I’d also like the title to convey the idea that physicians ought to be looking for myocarditis in covid patients by using the word “clinical” in the title. “Clinical implications of estimates of myocarditis frequency in young male covid patients” might work.

  12. I think it’s plausible that the problems of long covid are caused by the immune system in this way. Impurities in previous vaccines allow retroviruses to enter immune cells and stay in the DNA. When the immune system is triggered these retroviruses may be released and do damage. Dr. Judy Mikovits in her books Plague and Plague of Corruption discusses this. For example retrovirus XMRV causes ME/CFS which has symptoms similar to long-haul covid. Younger people are more susceptible because they have had more vaccines.

    1. “Long covid” might be a counted for by the mere fact that some people are longer recovering from illness than others — and owing not to any chronic morbidity but simply to a weaker constitution.

  13. The German site looks interesting, but unfortunately I don’t speak German! But your interview was excellent, so thanks for sharing.

    1. You can turn on subtitles with english translation (by Google so it isnt very good sometimes) for every video on that site. The videos themselves are hosted on Youtube.

    1. This is definately an interesting topic.
      In the video, Dr Rushworth said that he has seen more patients with Covid19 vaccine related problems than issues from natural infection the last couple of months.

      Perhaps not so strange given its an observation by a doctor working in hospitals, it was summer time and a high number of shots given (4-5 million last three months?).
      That compared to relative low number of natural infections (100.000 per last three months?).

      1. Absolutely, the point wasn’t that there are massive numbers of people coming to hospital with vaccine side effects, but rather that there are few people coming to hospital as a result of covid. I think it’s a point worth making in the current situation where there is massive pressure to vaccinate young adults and children, even though they themselves are exceedingly unlikely to benefit from the vaccine, and may therefore in fact be more likely to be harmed by it than helped.

  14. There is no doubt that the general international response to Sars-cov-2 / covid19 has been grossly disproportionate and that the lockdown policies have caused vastly more harm than the more traditional pandemic response policies followed by Sweden.
    I am certain that the damage that has been caused was deliberate and has been done in order to terrify people into accepting the ‘warp speed’ gene therapy injections dressed up as a vaccine along with the vaccine passports/ID system that is being forced on the people in nation after nation.
    I would love to know if Dr Rushworth has seen actual evidence that there is a unique and new disease called sars-cov-2/covid19 or has the entire thing been a psychological operation where pneumonia/flu/common cold were all rebranded as the new illness and declared to be such following a positive PCR?

    1. I think it was done for far more than the mRNA jab. The takeover of health care, loss of most of our Bill of Rights. They are using it to deny schooling, freedom to shop, corrupt voting systems via mail-in ballots, a takeover of private businesses, freedom to participate in society at all levels, moving toward a Communist Chinese social credit system. The real question is what the heck is in those mRNA jabs that make the authorities so crazy to get them into the arms of EVERYONE including babies and those who already had the disease, without any regard to the need or advisability of them? Many of us are sensing that something is off and we are being cautious, especially with the daily moving of the goalposts and the “science.”

  15. Thank you for speaking up, Sebastian!
    It is very irritating for me to live in a country (GER), where people think they know better, only because they have an opinion. History is repeating itself, it seems.

  16. Sebastian, the delta variant supposedly dominates almost totally, according to what I heard, but about what percentage of the population in Sweden has been infected by it? What’s your estimation? Are there any relevant studies or investigation, if not from Sweden, perhaps from other countries?
    I imagine that the amount of children and young people who got delta is even higher since, since they have not practising social distancing.

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