Covid: Why most of what you know is wrong

Covid Why most of what you know is wrong Sebastian Rushworth

After initially refusing to sell my book about covid, apparently because they felt that the contents were too controversial, Amazon have now changed their minds, and the book is available to purchase on their platform, as both a kindle e-book and a paperback. You can find it here.

Amazon don’t provide any reason for their about face, but I have no doubt that it is thanks to pressure from many of you. So thank you!

For those of you who read e-books, but not in the kindle format, the book is also available to purchase as an e-book in the Apple Books app and at

Here’s what dr. Malcolm Kendrick has to say about the book:

Covid-19 has triggered a pandemic, and a panic. Many people are bewildered by the avalanche of information, often contradictory. On his blog, Sebastian Rushworth has been a voice of calm reason throughout, trying to help people make sense of what is going on. As a front line doctor in Sweden he has had a front-row seat, and keen understanding of the disease, and our response to it. He takes the reader though some of the science, in order to explain what he is talking about. It is clear, it is reasoned. He believes that the Swedish response, although widely critizised, has been based on good evidence, and may end up being seen as the best way to have handled the pandemic. If you want a guide to what is really going on with Covid-19, then I fully recommend this book. You will end up with a much more complete understanding, which is what we are all looking for, I think.

Although the book is about covid in particular, it is also about science and scientific methodology more generally. The goal is to educate the readers about how to read and understand medical science, so that they are able to draw their own conclusions, and are no longer beholden to other people’s interpretations.

Please buy it, read it, review it, and discuss it with friends and family. My hope is that it can contribute in some small way to ending the current madness. Here again is the link to it on Amazon.

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111 thoughts on “Covid: Why most of what you know is wrong”

  1. But why should I buy it on Amazon, now after they first refused.
    I will try to buy it somewhere else.

    1. Same here… I don’t buy ANYTHING from Amazon. I’ve been boycotting Amazon for several years due to all that I’ve learned about these people. There are lots more avenues to sell books; you don’t have to buy them through Amazon. I have 5 sources that I use that will scour the internet for me and find the book I’m looking for at the price I’m willing to pay. is just one of those sources. They list all the sources, so you can choose to skip Amazon and go to the next bookseller listed… which is what I do. Never again will I buy ANYTHING through Amazon.

    2. Genau!!! Ich also hat a book on Covid refused by amazon. So, I took ALL my books off, and never will I go back. Thumbs up to Seb for this!!! And, ach, nein!!! Good on you, Seb.

      1. Out of stock…. gosh, what a surprise ! – NOT keen on an electronic copy, as I’ve been told the price you pay is for ‘reading rights’, – which they can withdraw without notice or recourse.
        I’d rather pay for a pdf file, and print it out myself if I want paper…

  2. Good news!
    Sebastian, are you familiar with Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow?

    Kahneman discusses how intuitive mind is is impulsive, lacks rational and reflection. While we often make decision based on impulse, the fast thinking often fails us. Slower thinking is more reliable and takes more considerations into account.

    It’s seems to me that the media and politicians are engaged in reptilian brain reactions (panic/ fast thinking), and few people, like yourself, are engaged in deeper, slow thinking (rational, in-depth).

    It would be great to hear an analysis of the psychological underpinnings of the mass-reactions to covid which seldom seems to be rooted in reason and proper reflection. Any thoughts about this?

    1. I think you’re overthinking things. Politicians and media are following the money, and they’re following the agenda.

      It’s not exactly a secret: WEF, Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development, Zero Carbon, digital economies, fourth industrial revolution.

      Everything else, from the research/science network to the WHO and Gavi, is infrastructure and plumbing required to make the project a reality.

    1. I just bought the paperback on Amazon Prime and is being delivered on March 13th with free shipping.

  3. I have Amazon prime and egen then the delivery costs of the paperback are half the price of the book!

    Is there some other place where a paperback can be ordered without 9+ dollar delivery?

    1. Nevermind! I searched for the ISBN on and that way I get it delivered fir free and much faster (13 march instead of 17 march)

      Just purchased and very curious to read and share it.

  4. Well done Sebastian. I have ordered it today from Amazon UK where it is available in paperback and is in stock (unlike the US site which only has Kindle version). Looking forward to a informative read. Many thanks.

  5. i think amazon is coming to the reaz]lization that historically, book burners are on the wrong side of history ( and commerce). stock has been lagging the last few weeks.

  6. I look forward to reading the Kindle version (purchased today). I am at the other end of a medical journey (qualified 1973, retired from the National Health Service 2011) and my own blog ( will become a book; for an earlier take on the problems of medical hypotheses, bureaucracy, statistics etc my book “Mad Medicine: Myths, Maxims and Mayhem in the National Health Service” may strike several chords (available on Amazon) but I will be fascinated to see where Sebastian and I agree- and differ.

  7. Good luck with the book, Dr Rushworth.

    Apparantly, most things we know about vaccines is also wrong.

    Are you familiar with the work of Christine Stabell Benn, professor in Global Health? This video with her talking about total health effects of live vs. non-live vaccines is just mind-blowing. It would be great if you could write a post on this topic.

  8. Dear Sebastian,
    Why only Amazon, you still have Abebooks and Booklooker etc.
    Kind regards, Peter

  9. I got it in my mailbox yesterday and are almost done. This book is so good and well worth the cost.

    We have to few voices of reason right now, but this is for sure one of them.

    Thank you!

  10. Tack för en spännande bok. Nu har Socialstyrelsen gått ut med att gravida från vecka 22 är riskgrupp för Covid19 och riskerar prematur födsel. Vore fint om du kollade lite på det. Har det t.ex visat sig att antalet prematurer på neonatalavdelningar ökat?

    1. Man hoppas ju att Socialstyrelsen har vetenskaplig evidens på fötterna för att gå ut med ett sådant påstående och skrämma upp gravida kvinnor. I dagsläget är jag inte så säker på det, efter att ha insett att mycket av informationen som spridits faktiskt inte har det. Det är ledsamt att se hur rädda många människor är, för ingenting egentligen.

  11. When you live in a country where the chief executive recommends injecting bleach, social media companies and retailers come under a lot of pressure to curb dangerous pseudoscience. Unfortunately, the educational system in the same country lets most people skip science, so those same companies cannot easily distinguish science and pseudoscience. Over half of the people in that country reject evolution. I am sure the decision was made initially by someone clueless. All of this to say, don’t take it personally. Keep doing what you do. If every science journalist took your careful approach to explaining “the error bars”, debate would be much more meaningful.

    1. If you understood philosophy of science to any degree, you would know that distinguishing science from pseudo-science is extremely problematic. That particular area is called “demarcation.” It is an area in which I have a publication.

      The history of science shows that science has changed preferred theories quite frequently. Today’s science may become tomorrow’s pseudo-science, and vice versa.

      Snarky language provokes snarky retorts.

      1. HOCl, Hypochlorous Acid, is another interesting substance which has been widely used medically as a disinfectant, topically on wounds and (I think I’ve read) even injected. I even wondered if Trump’s reference to bleach was a muddled and misremembered reference to HOCl. Extremely cheap, effective and easy to make — like everything, needs a cautious approach, but I’ve seen surprisingly few references to it.

    2. So… you’re hypothesizing that Amazon banned sale of this book because Amazon’s employees have too little science education? Do you believe a child makes it through K-12 without learning that book burning and censorship are fundamentally wrong in a free society? Or… is it more likely that Amazon has empowered – and perhaps directed – its employees to engage in censorship as a matter of policy? Do you think they may have elevated themselves to stand above you and me, able to judge better than us what is good versus bad, truth versus lies, worthwhile versus junk science? I won’t let them do that. They’ve become part of the “cancel culture” so pervasive in our society today. I’m concerned that you, a medical doctor, are electing to be part of that culture by parroting the obviously politically biased mainstream media reporting of Trump’s supposed recommendation to inject bleach. The most superficial research will show that he said no such thing. I would hope that a learned man such as yourself would have the courage, conviction and deep desire to know and spread the truth rather than become an instrument of obvious political propaganda.

    3. [When you live in a country where the chief executive recommends injecting bleach…]

      He did NO such thing.

      You are repeating the false version pushed by the MSM.

      Kindly show some ethical honesty.

  12. That’s good news – although I try to avoid Amazon these days, it will definitely reach a wider audience.

    Btw, I hope your proofreader picked up the spelling error in Dr K’s comment, if it’s been published:

    “He takes the reader though some of the science, in order to explain what he is talking about. ” – should be “…takes the reader through some of the science…”, not “though”!

  13. I would very much like to have a physical copy of your book, but cannot bring myself to purchase anything from Amazon. Does your publisher have any plans to make it available from a less controversial outlet in the future?

      1. Hi! I don’t find the ePUB version in English on – only Swedish… Is that so?

  14. Thanks Sebastian. I normally avoid Amazon but want to read your book so it’s ordered.

  15. Is there a way to purchase that doesn’t further enrich Jeff Bezos and shutter other book-sellers? I’m eager to read your book ASAP.

  16. Hello Sebastian, and thank you for letting us know your book is now available. As I usually avoid buying from Jeff Bezos, I was wondering if it will also be available to purchase elsewhere? Many thanks and looking forward to your reply.

      1. Thanks! I notice there are quite a few of us avoiding Amazon and that has heartened me!

  17. I look forward to reading the book. I have found your posts very informative. Happy to support you by purchasing – even though it is Amazon!

  18. I’ve just downloaded the e-book, and although obviously based closely on existing blog posts, it’s to have them all in one place and to read through them in a logical order. Might buy some paper copies for people who base their view of the last year on what the BBC tell them.

  19. Congratulations!
    I also refuse to purchase anything from Amazon. Is there any chance it will be available anywhere else? It looks like bokus does not have an English version. I would love to read, I have followed your blogging throughout.

  20. Dear Sebastian,
    Very happy to hear it!
    But how can I buy your book and not support Amazon?

  21. Will you take the next step of investigating corruption? Are you interested in publishing a book on pandemic corruption and asking the question, “qui bono”?

  22. Congratulations! We have already ordered the Swedish version but this will for sure allow you to reach out to a much broader crowd! Very well-deserved!

  23. Thank you Sebastian for writing this book. I’m in the US and have purchased both the kindle version and the hard copy, can’t wait to read it.

  24. I’m thinking about buying your book, but I have a few of questions on the content and the writing and publishing process:

    1. How similar or different is the content from your blog posts? I spotted a comment above (from Roland Ayers) stating the “I’ve just downloaded the e-book, and although obviously based closely on existing blog posts, it’s to have them all in one place and to read through them in a logical order”. Can you please clarify what the book adds?

    I expect others who’ve read your blog during the pandemic would like to know more about this as well.

    2. Related to the above question, does the book primarily elaborate and/or defend the arguments made on your blog? Or does it engage with different sides of the debate and discourse on COVID-19 and related policies? For instance, do you consider opponent’s positions on the topic (e.g. the views and arguments of critics of the Swedish response)?

    3. What sort of peer review process was done, if any, on a draft version? (I come from an academic background in which book publishing often involves extensive such reviews by relevant experts/academics prior to acceptance for publication).

    Was it just, for instance, sent out to some “friendly” people (like Dr. Malcolm Kendrick) who hold very similar views so that they could provide positive “reviews” to help promote the book? And/Or did you send it out to people who you expected would likely be critical of your claims and arguments to get ‘critical’ feedback?

    Thanks in advance for any information you can provide to inform purchase decisions.

    1. It is the same fundamental content that you will find on this blog, but organized in to a single coherent whole, and refined based on comments from readers of the blog as well as a couple of physicians, an immunologist, and a book editor.

  25. I am in California and just went on book not available for purchase. Only kindle version

  26. I read the book from cover to cover in one day. Really good value for money and clarifies many dodgy issues around the covid-19 virus. Should be a must read for all politicians but probably they will not devote any time for it. Only missing chapter is about the immune system, how to improve it?
    Maybe next book?

  27. Is there any way that you could make the book available through thriftbooks or anyone not Amazon? I just really hate to support Amazon in any way.

  28. Just ordered your book!! Your blog is fantastic, thank you so much for writing the blog & the book.

  29. Our libraries are currently closed but before they closed I used to request that they buy a book, often a one that the media considered “controversial”. This forced them to buy copies. So, in addition to finding other avenues to purchase a book, pressure your local library to offer it. A sale is a sale, even if at a library.

  30. Just ordered. I should have plenty of time to read it as I recover from the Oxford vax next week!

  31. It’s hard for me to see why the Swedish response to covid-19 has been particularly successful. At least the Finnish and Norwegian way to handle has been better. We have far fewer deaths and at least in Finland the restrictions/recommendations have been milder. Sweeden newer got the spreading of the virus to a level where testing, tracking and isolation worked like in the neighbouring countries.

  32. I have just finished reading the book, and I’m fascinated with the amount of facts. I would like to ask you permission to translate it to Spanish. I don’t declare any interest of earning money with your job, but I just want to spread this info that is barely mentioned in “mainstream media”.

    1. Good initiative, Sagen Sagita! I’m also Spanish and I’m having a hard time trying to make people understand basic things about this disease. This is an epic battle against “ape brains” (I take the expression from the swiss inmunologist Beda Stadler).

      1. Ojalá que Sebastian Rushworth me dé el visto bueno para traducir y esparcir esta información

  33. I have ordered the book, because first, I’m interested in its contents, but second, because I don’t like the idea of certain views being quietly suppressed.

  34. in the Kindle edition (yes I bought from Amazon as it was faster) on page 13 in the discussion on smallpox you make this statement
    “ Covid, which does spread asymptomatically”

    How is that possible since viral replication is not far enough along to cause symptoms. Are there documented cases of this happening?

    I ask since there’s a lot of arguments on both sides of the question.

    And thanks for writing the book. A sane voice is very welcome. kudos to Dr Malcolm Kendrick too.

    1. Personally, I do think that there is significant asymptomatic spread. I base that on two things – first, the fact that lockdowns have been completely ineffective. If only symptomatic people were infectious, then lockdowns should have had some noticeable effect, in my opinion. Second, on the American marine corps study, in which recruits who were completely asymptomatic and remained asymptomatic were able to spread covid to other recruits.

      Symptoms are not caused by viral replication. They are caused by the immune system’s reaction to the infection.

      1. Sebastian,
        In the book you write that “super spreaders” are the source to the observed covid-19 cluster spread .
        As a genuine sceptic I challenge that with a hypothesis that better fits my and my sons experience after have gone through the illness one after another without passing it further.
        The Covid-19 is very contagious from every one that has got it to anyone inhaling the same moisture of air, but only during a very limited time.

        In my case I should set the time to maximum 36 hours from the fact that I got the infection from my son, but not his wife who stayed home with their children, while we prepared our boats in May 2020.

  35. Thanks for the fantastic book, I only wish that you had included your sources. In your chapter on long covid you said 98% recover after 6 months but I can’t find where that number came from.

      1. I hesitate to say I am learing so much, but I am definitely getting a feeling for the great many complexities there are in any research. That gut feeling has made me vaccine hesitant – how can you know the long term effects? – there is no way at the moment.

        Yesterday I heard about “leaky vaccines” and “perfect vaccines” for the first time and I am not afraid to say it scared me almost senseless (twas in relation to Marek’s disease in chickens). Here in the UK it feels like a psychological battle is being played – the “rules” keep changing. First it was the elderly and the vunerable, then it was second doses not in accordance with manufacturers guidelines, then mix and match first and second does, then rolling out to the over 50, thinking about vaccinating children, now suddenly the roll out is stopping at the over 50’s having whipped up expectation in the younger population ( does no jab, no job work) etc etc. And I saw for the first time yesterday what can only be described as propaganda film on the BBC about taking the vaccine. My feeling is we are f***ed either way. The rush to vaccinate us has left us vunerable on all fronts, when we shoukd have been looking at treatments and prophylactics alongside the development of a perfect vaccine.

  36. Sebastian, this video by Dr. Peter McCollough of his testimony to the Texas Senate is interesting. he is advocating for the use of the antivirals HCQ and Ivermectin before patients have to be hospitalized.
    I had a link to a good article from the American Journal of Medicine that recommends the same treatments but one of my cats took a walk on my power strip and turned off the computer. Alas, the link vanished but the comment remained.

  37. Dr Rushmore,

    I read your book, thank you. I’m always looking for evidence, never knew where to look. I cannot tell you what you have immersed? An even more logical subject.

    I do have a question, I cannot find the trial data on the J&J vaccine, the AZ vaccine has proven to be worthless & dangerous. 😫

    Can you provide me with link to read more … you’re right, ppl should not have to pay for medical info, it should be free to everyone? What a sham!

    Kind regards,


  38. You’re amazing thank you. I’m super curious as well.

    I loved your book. Told my entire circle to buy it, read it and reread it. Thanks for the prompt reply.

    So thankful, to have found a true scientist, educating the masses.

  39. Hej och tack Sebastian för en underbart bra och informativ bok. Har hunnit läsa hela nu.
    Det finns alltid en del småfel som till exempel på sidan 67, rad 14 står det “get”, men borde stå ger. Vill du ha tips om ett tiotal andra småfel som du kan rätta till för en senare tryckning eller om du återanvänder en del av boken till en ny bok så kan jag posta det här eller till valfri mailadress.
    Och om du vill ha hjälp med att korrekturläsa din nästa bok så gör jag det gärna och givetvis utan kostnad.

  40. Do you know of any non-Amazon retailer that delivers to the UK? I tried the Bokus, Adlibris (, and Karneval Forlag ( websites, but none of them allows me to specify an address in the UK (and this despite Bokus’s English-language FAQ page saying they deliver there). I assume that this is due to Brexit and also VAT complications (unlike in Sweden, physical books are not subject to VAT in the UK). I have also tried the websites of some of the big generalist bookshops in the UK (Foyles, Wordery, Waterstones, W.H. Smith, Daunt Books), to no avail. I wonder whether they might have formed some sort of censorship cartel, but then again, the book has been published only very recently. The UK bookshop Blackwell’s has the book available, but apparently it is in a version published by “Amazon Digital Services LLC” (as opposed to the actual publisher, Karneval).

    I am keen to buy this book, but shall not under any circumstances buy (directly or indirectly) from Amazon or any of its subsidiaries, including “Amazon Digital Services LLC”. Any leads would be welcome.

    1. Blackwells bookshop, family business established 1879 have it in stock in the UK. They’re my go to rather than using Amazon. Some books may cost a bit more and there may be a longer wait but I’d sooner support long established small businesses than lining the bulging pockets of the greedy wealthy.

  41. I read your book and it is very informative. One comment about “long-haul covid”: My thought is based on the book Plague by Judy Mikovits. She shows that a retrovirus XMRV, which can come as an impurity in a previous vaccination and stay in one’s system for years, causes ME/CFS whose symptoms are often those of “long-haul covid”. This would explain why younger people are more susceptible as they have had more vaccinations. When the immune system is stimulated by an infection, say covid, the retrovirus is released and causes the harm.

  42. also see my blog where I have reposted articles and books mostly on health and covid. In particular a Dec. 16 post explains how hydroxychloroquine or quercetin works with zinc which was not covered in your book.

  43. Thank you for publishing your book, which brings much needed clear thinking to the SARS CoV-2 crisis. I am impressed with the various analyses I have seen by Malcom Kendrick, Ivor Cummins and yourself, and have much sympathy with the Great Barrington declaration. It does seem clear that Covid 19 is a serious threat primarily to the aged unwell, and that there does seem to be a concerted effort by governments and the media to ramp up fear and anxiety among people. It also seems topsy-turvy to follow a policy which has disastrous consequences for those members of the population least at risk from SARS CoV-2. While I accept it is the duty of government to protect the vulnerable members of society, governments seem to forget that the most vulnerable members of society are children.
    I would like to raise one issue about policy. It is clear there is something very suspicious about the death-by-covid statistics, but much government policy has been concerned not with fatality rates, but rather with the pressure on health services from people with Covid-19 requiring hospitalisation. It does seem to be the case that many people between 30 and 60 are among this group. They are not in all likelihood going to die, but governments are frightened of the consequences of a breakdown in health service provision. In the UK, periodically there are bad-flu winters when services are stretched to breaking point, but in the case of SARS CoV-2 the problem has been severe for much of the last year. If, as you believe, a lockdown does no good in limiting the spread of infections and therefore of people getting seriously ill, two questions seem to arise: first, is there something inherently wrong with the idea, at the heart of lockdown policy, that reducing social contact will reduce transmission; and second, what alternative policies might governments pursue in place of lockdown to prevent the potential collapse of their health services?

    1. My belief is that the reason are largely ineffective because the people who are most at risk of severe disease are the multi-morbid elderly, who spend their lives in care homes and hospitals and who need help with all daily activities. They will therefore be exposed to many people and therefore to covid no matter how effective young healthy people are at social distancing and locking down. That’s why I think it would have made more sense at the start to think about what could be done to protect risk groups, rather than imposing broad brush measures on everyone.

      The main reason the hospitals are having a problem is because it has been public policy for decades in many western countries to cut down on hospital beds, to the point where hospitals were already running at or close to 100% capacity long before covid. A hospital here in Stockholm that has 700 beds is constantly reporting that it’s on it’s knees even though it only has 100 covid patients. If an influx of 100 extra patients on top of what you normally see in a hospital with 700 beds is enough to cause the hospital to be in crisis then that clearly shows the real problem i that the hospital has far too little excess capacity. That’s what politicians should be doing something about.

  44. Hi! I just finished reading your book and I really appreciate your thoughts and research. I do have a question about the studies on the vaccines. Does the overall transmission rate of a virus (ie the likelihood that the participants were even exposed to the virus) effect the study’s statistical significance? It makes sense that you can still draw conclusions because you have a placebo and the groups should be big enough that some people would definitely be exposed to the virus. But, if only 10% of the population is exposed to the virus, would that ultimately reduce your sample size by 90%, thereby changing the statistics significance of the results?

  45. Not surprising as Amazon and a bunch of mega corps have done extremely well under the COVysteria.

  46. Slightly off topic, but please Dr Rushworth, could you comment on the dangers of Antibody Dependent Enhancement and the Immune System body itself becoming infected. This may lead to serious health effects. I have posted a link to a video by Dr Malone, the inventor or mRNA and his warning. I would appreciate your comments on what real risk this poses to those who have already taken the vaccine. Thank you

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