Amazon is censoring my book about covid!

Covid Why most of what you know is wrong Sebastian Rushworth

I had hoped to be able to announce today or tomorrow that the English language version of my book about covid-19, titled “Covid: why most of what you know is wrong”, would be out and available for purchase. The Swedish language version (titled “Varför det mesta du vet om covid-19 är fel”) came out last week and is available for purchase here. Unfortunately, Amazon, in a bizarre act of censorship, have decided that they will not be selling it on their platform. Here is what Amazon wrote to my publisher:

We’re contacting you regarding the following book(s):

Covid: Why most of what you know is wrong by Sebastian Rushworth (AUTHOR) (ID: PRI-PVV8BRDXPZJ)

Due to the rapidly changing nature of information around coronavirus, we are referring customers to official sources for advice about the prevention or treatment of the virus. 

Amazon reserves the right to determine what content we offer according to our content guidelines. Your book does not comply with our guidelines. As a result, we are not offering it for sale. 

You can find our content guidelines on the KDP website: 

If you have questions or believe you’ve received this email in error, reply to this message.

Amazon KDP 

My publisher is now trying to find an alternate solution to get the English language version of the book out.

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231 thoughts on “Amazon is censoring my book about covid!”

    1. Just drops your stomach! I have felt like this the whole year. I can only imagine the loss and disappointment about your book. I hope for you it can sell somewhere else.

    2. Rule of thumb: any public intellectual not banned by at least one platform, has nothing to say worth hearing.

      1. @Masca_ridens: Twitter suspended my account! Whew! I was beginning to feel irrelevant…

      2. Corollary to Soviet Rule No. 1: A writer who has not served time is not a journalist.

  1. American used to be about freedom to express ideas. This is distressing and sad. I will be canceling my Amazon account.

  2. I am so sorry Amazon will not publish your book.
    If you do manage to get a English speaking publisher I will definitely buy it.

    1. Me, too.

      I recently bought a book about vitamin D3/K2 therapy, as practiced in Brazil. Definitely not US authority approved. Still for sale on Amazon – maybe I should warn Amazon about the book and request a refund!

  3. I’m afraid this doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s called censorship, and I still recall the deep shock I felt when my innocent post of a video from America’s Front Line Doctors was removed from Facebook. This is the world in which we now live, and it’s terrifying.

      1. @Brian: It is very easy to end your relationship with Amazon: Just don’t buy anything there. I stopped purchasing from this company years ago. Guess what, it is easy, and it does not hurt at all. But I have to admit that I’m a very moderate consumer. Avoiding Amazon might be a problem for people buying things online four times a week.

      1. No, I wasn’t. I’ve recently bought a couple books from “them” that are banned from Amazon.

        What a crock.

        I won’t be using them in the future.

    1. I stopped using them when I noticed in very small print at the bottom of an email from them that they are a Attached to amazon in some way, a subsidiary of amazon I think. I’m currently using wordery, until I hear bad news of course

  4. Not surprising at all as it doesn’t follow the current woke-progressive narrative. I’m happy to buy several direct and give them to my friends. I hope you get a good platform to sell them worldwide. We need an Amazon-alternative.

  5. We are in the new age where anyone outside the bounds of being in proper lockstep–is shamed, shunned and also–financially ‘burnt at the stake.’

    Something (hopefully) will eventually give and the globalist cabal will be exposed for WAY overreaching…

  6. Bedrövligt. Kolla med “” här i Tyskland. De är rätt stora och skickar böcker utan extra kostnad för portot precis som Amazon i Tyskland.🙏

  7. Hello Dr. Rushworth,

    Very sorry – and angry – to hear that.

    Please post the e-mail of the relevant section of Amazon, and I – and I’m sure many others – will advise them that I will cease using Amazon immediately.

    Who do these b*****s think they are? They have really prospered hugely during lockdown, to such extent that our local shopping communities will almost certainly suffer.

    I believe that the only way to deal with corporations that indulge in unreasonable censorship and behavioural regulation is to stop using them…….and to let them know about this too.

    Please post the relevant e-mail address.

    Keep up the good work – your columns are excellent. Do let us know how we can purchase your book.



  8. Not at all surprising. Censorship is rampant these days. You can’t even say anything that goes against the narrative, much less publish it. I’m really happy to see a doctor willing to speak out against the lies and the scam being perpetrated but I’m also worried that you will become a victim of cancel culture.

  9. Heads up, chest out, stand straight, be proud!
    You are doing a great job Sebastian. Keep it up!

    Your publisher will eventually find a way to promote the english version of your book.
    Some marketing companies actually use events like this to sell more.

  10. Greetings!
    Really appreciate your informational articles.
    I would be very happy to arrange to obtain a copy of your English text book when it is available.
    Let me know how much it is and what manner of payment is required.
    Thanks in advance,


  11. Amazon is a mixture between Torquemada and the Protector Daddy…

    Thank you for your amazing work, Dr. Rushworth.

  12. I am not surprised. Any deviation from what the major western Corporations deem “the truth” is quashed in no uncertain fashion. Our “democratic “ institutions are under threat as our freedoms to take a contra view.

  13. Hi Sebastian,

    I have stopped using Amazon unless unavoidable.

    Have you looked at The Book Depository. They offer postage free shipping all over the world. It isn’t the speediest but I, for one would rather wait a while than support Amazon.

    1. The Book Depository is owned by Amazon (although they may have independent criteria for what they will sell?). Personally, I have boycotted Amazon and subsidiaries for several years, owing to the company’s unethical “creative accounting” that enables it to dodge taxes in a way that gives it a grossly unfair advantage over other bookselling companies.

      Here is an advice page from the UK’s Society of Authors about getting a book stocked by bookshops:

      And here are some recommendations for prominent UK booksellers and chains that sell new books:

      The UK also has many small and specialist bookshops, some of which may be very interested in stocking a hot-topic new book censored by Amazon (having said that, many of the smaller bookshops in the UK tend to specialise in second-hand books). If your publisher has the time to do some research into this, it may help get your book “out there” in the UK.

      You may also want to consider donating a copy of your English-language book to one or more of the UK’s six legal deposit libraries, especially the British Library (the British Library is London’s equivalent to Stockholm’s Kungliga Biblioteket):

      That way, your book might then get included in the British National Bibliography, which covers “books and journal titles published or distributed in the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1950”:

      If your book gets acquired by any UK or Irish municipal libraries, you may like to register for PLR (PLR, or Public Lending Right, is a mechanism for collecting (very modest) author royalties for books borrowed from UK municipal libraries):

      Good luck with getting your book published and disseminated — I very much hope it will find its way into UK bookshops and libraries (I might try and lobby my local municipal library to acquire a copy, but I have no idea to what extent the UK’s municipal libraries actually listen to recommendations from members of the public).

      1. Of course this assumes UK bookshops and libraries will reopen at some point. It might not be for months yet, and not all of them will survive.

  14. Well, not exactly a surprise for anyone who’s been reading Bezos’ Washington Post since Covid-19 appeared.
    Of course the good man is entitled to his opinions.

  15. Typical. Why doesn’t this surprise me Sebastian. It seems these big tech companies think they can censor anything to do with truth. Publishers are resourceful people. It’s disappointing but they’ll get it out! Keep us posted please.

  16. Can we buy it direct from your publishers?

    Or via an independent bookseller such as Blackwells?

    I would be very happy to buy from somewhere other than Amazon.

  17. I had a look through the guidelines; I have to admit to be curious about exactly which one of them you’ve transgressed. I presume it isn’t illegal or infringing. Given some of the awful rubbish I’ve bought from Amazon they set the bar very low for poor customer experience so I’m certain you’ll be above that threshold. I’m also sure it isn’t public domain content. So it must be that you’ve been offensive to ‘what everybody knows about Covid’. Just goes to show why your book is so necessary. Hey ho! I suppose there’s no use a bunch of us complaining to Amazon

  18. OMG, how I hate censorship. Here in Eastern Europe it’s all too familiar. From 1945 to 1990 forbidden books were smuggled in and people continued to read them and many times went to jail for this. But they never stopped. I hope that more and more Western Europeans and Americans realize now what they’re in…
    Can Karneval ship the English version internationally? This time the price is not very important, perhaps this is the price we have to pay for being free to choose 🙂

  19. I hope you find an alternative platform for publishing the English language versio (I don’t speak Swedish!) and I will definitely buy it! Good luck and thank you!!

  20. Maybe the German company DigitalStore GmbH ( would be a solution. They published the newly edited and heavily discussed book by the Austrian biologist Clemens Arvay about Corona vaccines.
    Censorship outside of governments is the fast growing tumor devastating our societies.
    All the best for you.

  21. A fine state of affairs when an online shop thinks it knows more about medical topic than a Doctor!

  22. Not surprising at all. Publishers, blog curation platforms such as Medium, news sites, and social media were already prepared to censor any dissent from the authoritarian position on lockdowns, border closures, PCR tests, epidemiology, and masking in March, 2020. You have not been censored in this blog because it is self-published and not curated or monetized. However, you may be sure it is shadowbanned by Google and other search engines by being pushed to the very end of the search results for its keywords.

  23. Screw Amazon. You shouldn’t sell it there even if they did offer it. I use Alibris, but I’m sure there are other online booksellers.
    I look forward to buying your book on a different platform. Good luck and keep up the good work!

  24. Yes
    BOYCOTT Amazon. I have always suspected them for monopolism.
    You are doing an excellent job.
    MD,Ph D, assistant professor, specialist in surgery.

  25. This is totally outrageous but not a big surprise. Big Tech has been censoring anything they don’t like for a while now, another reason why they need to be reined in! Hopefully, your publisher will be able to find another venue for your English language version. I would very much like to read it.

  26. If you had written a book about pornography; Amazon on all the platforms would have been fighting over your book.

  27. Please let me know how I can buy an English version. Even a photocopied manuscript would be fine.

  28. Better sell it directly from your website.
    We have to become independent from Amazon, Google, Facebook etc.

    1. Thanks for the link, I think it would be worth for Sebastian to try to get Elon Musk’s support.
      I am afraid that Amazon censorship is just a beginning to be followed by Facebook.

  29. “Banned by Amazon” is a badge of honor. Wear it proudly and profit from it. It will soon become a positive marketing stamp of achievement.

    Ask your Woke friends this: Who most closely resembles fascists today?

  30. We are now in a new age of authoritarianism and censorship

    Science has sold out to politics and partisanship. It’s now about power and leverage.

    Be worried today they take my freedoms tomorrow yours.

  31. “In a corporatist system of government, wherein there is no meaningful separation between corporate power and state power, corporate censorship is state censorship” – Caitlin Johnstone

  32. Of course they are! Any books, tweets, Facebook posts, or YouTube videos that are not pro-lockdown in the US are heavily censored.

  33. Loss of free speech should be listed as a serious side effect of Covid 19.

    For example, Dr Michael Yeadon disappeared from Twitter.

    Then I had a message from them telling me to remove a tweet quoting official figures re. miscarriages after the CV19 jab. I didn’t at first but couldnt use Twitter until I did, as they rejected my appeal.

    Perhaps even worse, I know of a GP who has been threatened with being struck off if they don’t have the jab themselves!

    This isn’t a medical crisis, it is a power grab that in truth has been going on for years but is now quite decisive. We will all be poorer in every sense, if this is allowed to continue.

  34. Book Depository (i.e.,, even though it is owned by Amazon, doesn’t seem to follow the latter’s censorship policies. Things that have been bounced from Amazon are often still available from Book Depository.

  35. The main victims of the pandemic are truth and civil rights. The so-called democratic countries of the west have become dictatorships.
    Have you tried the platform? They don’t have a distribution network as large as a#@+on, but they don’t try to censor the world.
    Or maybe an e-book sold through your webpage?

  36. You may want to try Encounter Books. Their address is 900 Broadway, Suite 601, New York, NY 10003.
    Phone number 212-871-6310.

    Amazon removed another book they didn’t like, and Encounter Books is selling it.

    From what I have read, Barnes and Noble is also selling the book that Amazon removed.

    1. Barnes and Noble only sells in the US. I like eBooks and had to stop buying Nook books when we moved to Portugal. I would happily stop buying Kindle Books and already use the FREE app to read them.

  37. Hi Dr D., Very sorry to hear that. What a shocker! I will welcome your news when you find an English language outlet with a purchase! Take care, Shaun

  38. Censorship, the silencing of dissenting views and loss of civil liberties are THE main issues at the moment.

  39. My recommendation is to move your book to When I write, I first start on Leanpub and offer my book at a discount there until it is finished, then move it to other distributors. For broad distribution through a variety of booksellers around the world, I use Draft2Digital, and then finally directly post to Amazon Kindle myself.

    Keep up the good fight and don’t let the fascists hold you back. Light is the best disinfectant.

  40. You might try Alibris and Thrift Books here in the states.

    The Democratic party is trying to turn the US into a one party state. They are interested only in power, not governance. I assume Bezos and his kind are doing their bidding as a way of buying indulgences from the Church of Woke Fascism.

    1. This has nothing to do with the Democratic party. This has been going on for a couple of years. If anyone it’s the drug industry allowing only one narrative. But you keep blaming the Democratic party because the Republicans are just so fucking brilliant themselves.

  41. I would definitely like to buy your book – particularly if it is censored by Amazon.
    Tell me where to place my order.
    Anthony Herbert

  42. We Are sorry to hear this but are not surprised. This is one of the reasons we choose to buy our books from other outlets. We choose freedom of speech, written or spoken. We will not support censorship.

    We look forward to reading the book when an English version is available.

  43. Yet Amazon published ‘Corona False Alarm? Facts and Figures.
    by Karina Reiss and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi.
    Why is this book OK and yours is not?
    Double standards.

  44. I keep hearing stories like this. Censorship is appropriate when there is a direct threat of violence to a person or a group. Everything else should be permitted. There is a terrifying attempt to censor everything that doesn’t conform to “expert opinion”. This is definitely not okay!
    I doubt that you have a legal case, but if you do have one, I would be more than happy to contribute towards your legal expenses.

  45. Shocking, bastards aren’t getting another penny of my hard earned. Let me know when and where I can get your book

  46. 2 years ago I was having some health issues mostly difficulty in balance and concentration. The doctors that i saw prescribed antidepressants and blood pressure medication. One went so far as to diagnose OCD. I didn’t take any of the medication as i am in my early 40’s and and they could not convince me that i needed them. By pure luck while researching for my symtomps i come upon a book on vitamin deficiency. (Could it be B12). And surprise surprise I was deficient in B12, D, and iron. I self medicated muself with supplements and change my diet. In 2 months i was cured. I am really scary to think what would have happened to my in this era when books like yours are censored.

  47. Dear Sebastion, you can’t buck the official line, don’t you realise you’re putting lives at risk. You’re killing my granny (as one English TV commercial put it, last year). This is the reality and largely because the ‘powers that be’ screwed up big time, so it’s deflection, misdirection and finally, banning. Oh the irony of an invention, the Web that when its potential for citizen participation started to be realized, the same powers who banned your book went through a sequence which is clearly documented:

    1. At first they ignored it;
    2. Then ridiculed it;
    3. Then they tried to coopt it (‘citizen journalism’ [sic]);
    4. Then they attacked its ‘lack of professionalism’;
    5. And when all this failed, they simply pulled the plug.

    And trust me, what we’re seeing now is just the beginning.

  48. Sorry to hear that Amazon won’t be carrying your book Sebastian. In return I will not buy a book from Amazon.
    In the meantime if you can find a way to receive payment we could buy from you directly.
    Nonetheless as soon as you can find a way I am looking forward to purchasing a few from you.
    Take care and congratulations on this book. I look forward to reading it.
    Kevin in Edmonton AB.

  49. Surprised? COVID-19 is not about people getting sick and dying. It’s about power and control. Also about us obeying.

  50. Hi Sebastian,

    Welcome to the brave New World.

    Could you not sell it direct? Build or have built your own website.

    Amazon, Google search, Twitter , Facebook are all censoring anything anti vaccine, or anti virus.

    On YouTube many platforms have been removed and banned for any alternative views.

    Platforms seem ok until sites get larger audiences. 100k plus views on anything alternative to the official narrative. At this point platforms are taken down for breaching YouTube, Facebook etc guidelines.

    It’s exactly the same with the US elections. There is plenty of evidence of massive fraud with Mail in voters. Also the Dominion Servers connect to the internet and can be easily manipulated.
    But no courts would hear the cases in any state, or review the evidence.
    And all news outlets have completely censored any discussion on any of this.
    We believe we live in a Democracy in the Western World. But do we really or is it the mirage of a democracy.
    If you lived in Russia or China you would not have any difficulty believing the TV and Newspapers were just propaganda machines to spout the required narrative.
    Is it possible it is the same in the west?
    I began believing this last year with the pandemic misinformation, censoring any view that Covid 19 84 originated in Wuhan lab. And my research leads me to believe it is indeed true.
    Look up Operation Mockingbird as a starting point.
    What totally confirmed my belief was watching Bidens Inaugeration on the BBC.
    I think it was either John Sopel, or Mark Mardell commenting. They said the only thing Trump would be remembered for in history would be his failed handling of the Pandemic.
    The smallest amount of research would show his multiple achievements including negotiating peace in the Middle East, agreement with Kim Jung Un etc etc. Loved by the American people, and hated by the mainstream media.
    Because he is a unique threat to the Deep State who control the news outlets , Central Banks etc.
    Sebastian, I’m afraid you’re up against it if you hope to get your book published anywhere mainstream.
    Publish yourself somehow, or get in touch with Charlie Ward and see if he can help.

    1. “Amazon, Google search, Twitter , Facebook are all censoring anything anti vaccine, or anti virus. ”

      They’re NOT censoring anything anti-vaccine or anti-virus, they’re censoring anything that is counter to the official position which is NOT the same thing. In fact, the powers that be have MADE the issue about ‘vaxxing’ and the false allegation that the virus doesn’t exist, in order to undermine opposition to turning the human race into one, giant experiment!

    2. Talk Radio are the best of any mainstream channel, and Julia asks a lot of the right questions and cuts through the speculative bullshit not based in evidence. But they had a short youtube ban a month or two back and have softened their stance. The vaccine is seen as necessary. And there is a lot of acceptance of certain parts of the official narrative.

  51. I’ve forwarded this outrage to talkRadio. The only mainstream UK radio station which, in the main, has allowed its presenters to argue that the COVID measures are worse than the disease itself.

    Fingers crossed this gets taken up and followed as a discussion point. They have added reason to do so, as they were temporarily kicked off YouTube last month before YouTube had to back down and reinstate the channel.

    I hope others forward this censorship to other journalists to investigate. Who knows, the publicity may yet make your book a best seller. Fingers crossed. And keep up your excellent work.



    1. Change the name of the book to “COVID: How to go beyond the political noise”

      The title you used is too controversial for them. They want bland and not political on this topic. They are not going to read it.

  52. If you titled your book, The Greatest Vaccine Ever, it would’ve made it to Amazon’s top selling promoted lists.

      1. The Ioannidis analysis was very poorly done, and even so, his value is a global value, including India, Africa, Bangladesh. Europe is at least 0.8%, so mentioning 0.2% (or less!) is simply deceptive. Ioannidis estimated there would be 40,000 deaths in the USA, now it is 500,000 or so, and still less than 20% of the population have antibodies.

        @Kai: In Germany, the infection fatality rate is also 0.8% or more. It’s just that the infection rate in Germany is really low. And so some people there think COVID doesn’t exist.

    1. I totally don’t believe it’s 0.8% in Europe. I am from Germany, and there’s no excess death in Germany anyway, if you consider the growing population and especially that >80 year old have increased from 4.5 million in 2016 to 5.5 million in 2020. The numbers are all twisted and presented by government and mainstream media without context. There has also been massive financial incentives to have a “covid death” instead of a death by some other cause. So, I would consider the numbers of death counts highly … fuzzy…

      1. Infection fatality rate in Germany.
        Official number of deaths by March 1: 70,000. This is a high estimate, because it is actually the test positive death number. (RKI)
        Laboratory proven antibody rate by March 1, 37.1%. (ALM)
        Population of Germany 83 Million.
        => Nu,mber of infected in Germany: 0.371 * 83 M = 30.8 M.
        => Lockdown did not stop the spread of the infection.
        => IFR = 70K / 30.8 M = 0.23%
        Which happens to be exactly the world median established by Ioannidis.

        RKI = Robert Koch Institut
        ALM = Akkreditierte Labore in der Medizin, network of > 171 (> 90%) of all German test labs.

    2. You can quibble over percentage points but the reality is that SARS-COV-2 has a survival rate of +99%. By comparison, Ebola has a death rate between 40-50%.

      Moreover, aside from seniors (all 80+ age) with multiple health issues, many of whom could have survived had they been properly shielded, the rest have been killed by capitalism itself! Diabetes, obesity, poisoned food, water, land, compromised immune systems, the Earth, has exposed the sham of ‘democracy’. Does it not occur to you that countries with the worst death rates are ALL so-called developed societies.

      So, South Africa, population 65 million, give or take; the UK, population 67 million, give or take. Corona deaths South Africa: 20,000 (give or take); the UK deaths, over 100,000. South Africa DOESN’T even have much of a health system in place, poverty, malnutrition and so forth, yet it has 1/5th of the deaths that the UK has. Was it all that sunlight and vitamin D or perhaps they haven’t been poisoned the way we have?

  53. I am really sorry about that. But honestly, no surprise, Amazon is deep into this, I guess and playing along with censorship, just as facebook, google and Microsoft are.

    A while ago, I read this:

    And in the foreword, the author states that Amazon wanted to keep him from publishing this on Kindle Self-publish. Amazon only let him do it after he called out to Elon Musk who made Amazon’s censoring public.

    I think we should all cancel our Amazon accounts. I have already quit my accounts with facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Google. It’s us who make them successful. Let’s move on to a better world with fairer services.

  54. Don’t give up – you’ll find an outlet with a degree of integrity to sell your book. I can’t wait to read it – I’ve got the Swedish language version (thank you very much!), and am looking forward to the English language version. Waiting with anticipation – the truth will out.

  55. Stop supporting Amazon, that’s what we have to do and tell all your friends that they should do the same. Please let me know when it gets published in english. Thanks

  56. I would pay for a pdf version if that comes available 🙂

    I hate this when governments or companies try to determine what is fake news and what is real. WHO itself has distrbitued fake news on ifr and what is the main route of spreading the virus.

    You argument based on scientific analysis, thanks for that. People who do not agree should come up with scientific arguments too.

  57. Amazon boycotted ….. let me know when I can purchase your book – either from you directly or a supportive publisher

  58. I am absolutely appalled but not in the least surprised. Anyone who doesn’t follow the narrative is deemed an enemy. Keep up the good work though, many of us depend on you for putting your head above the parapet.

  59. Follow the money. According to one commentator Jeff Bezos’ wealth has nearly doubled during this “pandemic”. $100,000,000,000 says the censorship will continue – he has too much to gain by the hysteria and too much to lose by the truth.

  60. The silver lining is this has just made your book alot more valuable and interesting to your target audience who will most likely want to purchase it even more now it has been censored.

  61. Hej Sebastian

    Jag så din uppdatering om at Amazon havde censoreret den engelske versionen av din bok. Det er jo en katastrofe, at det fria ord inte kan finna väg! Men det siger jo ochså, at der nogonting otroligt skræmmende vet dette. Der synes at vara en allians mellom mega corps, pharma och en politisk elite och at dette inte bara handler om en relativt ofarlig virus. Jag sætter pris på at læse dina vetenskapsbaserade uppslag och har forsökt at bestille din bok på svenska. Tyvärr går det inta at skrive ind en address i Danmark, och eftersom grænsen er stängt, går det inte at køre hit och plocka den op 🙂 Kan det arrangeres at den skickas til en address i Danmark på nogot sät? Manga venliga hälsningar från Søren

    1. Jag beställde mitt exemplar från bokus dot com. Kanske de skickar till grannländerna med?

  62. Sorry, comrade, but your book does nothing to advance the Party. Now, if you wrote something that promoted racial hatred in the U.S. by stating untruths about American law enforcement, Amazon would help you promote it. Racial division benefits the Party!

  63. I have downloaded ‘The Cult of Covid – How Lockdown Destroyed Britain’ by Jamie Walden onto my Amazon Kindle e-reader and it seems to be still available from Amazon, so perhaps they have only just established a new policy and are only applying it to newly published works. Could it be made available as a Kobo e-book?

  64. The new America. A radical change has occurred here that is frightening. Let us know how you order and I’ll share with my friends. Thank you for your work.

  65. Dear Dr Rushworth,

    You have lit the flame the world needs.
    I only read pages I can turn from books made of that marvel called paper.
    But your online literary publishing is illuminating and has been so readable with your input of
    sceptical humour , despite the need to show an occasional graph or three!

    Excellent posts but we all await your real book to grab off a real shelf in a real shop.

    Here in the UK, over 250,000 signatures already in two days, in a petition now before Parliament
    to stop vaccination passports becoming a statutory requirement. To all of my fellow UK citizens please sign this petition; even though this will now be debated as the signatories have exceeded the 100,000 threshold needed for the formal debate. We need the power of numbers to make our MPs start thinking of protecting our fundamental rights.

    I am a practicing dentist and patients are keeping their fabric masks on at consultation
    until I tell them the obvious; such has been the success of this central control on human
    behaviour and daily manifested with such absurdity.

  66. Let us know when we can purchase your book.
    I very much appreciate your scientific analysis.
    I sent a mail to Amazon because of their censoring you.,and stopped my account (often used until recentely)
    Stay free.

  67. Welcome to the real world, only amazon and facebook know the truth, and they do it without looking t the data

  68. I did not realize you were such a dangerous fellow, I just went to Amazon and could purchase a copy of Hitler’s “Mien Kamph”. We have run completely off the rails in the USA.

  69. I am an avid reader of your blog and look forward to reading your book when you overcome this current stumbling block, which I feel certain you will. I hope that Amazon’s censorship only serves to generate greater interest in your rational and intelligent perspectives! I worked as a project manager for authors who were self-publishing for years and a print-on-demand distributor is probably your best bet. I do not have knowledge of how actively some of the other companies may censor work, but I do know that they all compete fiercely with Amazon for market share so may be more open to working with you. Ingram is the largest book wholesaler in the world, the favorite of brick-and-mortar book stores, and owns IngramSpark, an easy to use platform. And there are many others. Good luck—I am sure you will find a solution.

  70. I can understand their caution.
    However this comes as no surprise to those who understand the level of censorship and official misinformation which Americans are subjected to.
    For example, the way American history books are full of distortion and propaganda is coming as a shock to Americans who have read “Lies my teacher told me “.
    This should be required reading for all Americans who have a stomach for the truth!

  71. Good God.

    I want to read it, of course. Please let us know how this develops, and how we can obtain the book.

    Best wishes.

  72. Book burning is part of the oligarch’s agenda. After all, we can’t have an informed citizenry! Looking forward to reading it when published. Have you tried Skyhorse?

  73. I am saddened by this incredible censorship of your book. You are a serious doctor investigating a life-threatening disease – you got to be heard. We witness this in Brazil frequently, for example, if you speak about any out-of-hospital treatment for COVID-19 and even if you reproduce a US Senate hearing concerning early treatment without comments! Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and others are now censors who know the “truth”. A very serious problem that democratic countries have to face.

  74. You should give them pushback. I’ve followed your work throughout this whole time and found you very balanced, well researched and scholarly. Amazon has no good reason to censor this book.

    Maybe change the title?

  75. The censorship from Amazon in this case along with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter plus other social media sights needs to stop before we lose all rights to question the common narrative.
    Society must remember that the Catholic Church, which was very powerful and influential in Galileo’s day, strongly supported the theory of a geocentric (Earth-centered) universe. After Galileo began publishing papers about his astronomy discoveries and his belief in a heliocentric (Sun-centered) Universe, he was called to Rome to answer charges brought against him by the Inquisition (the legal body of the Catholic Church). Early in 1616 Galileo was accused of being a heretic

  76. Hi Sebastian

    I buy a lot of ‘banned’ books about Covid19. The best source is Book Depository. They seem to sell them all. They are also very efficient.

    Good luck.

  77. Whenever and wherever it goes on sale I will be buying one or more copies. I assume you will be posting it in one of your informational emails. I love what you are doing. I’m one of probably 3 regular US citizens who actually understand how to decipher actual scientific research but it’s a real slog. Your emails are superb. Clear, easily understood and cover all the truly relevant points that are normally missed in reports of research (especially those done by the lame-stream press).

  78. Please keep us posted on the alternate way to purchase it. Will buy it immediately. Thank you for all you do.

  79. Such a twist of logic when they give the reason as “Due to the rapidly changing nature of information around coronavirus”. You would think that would be reason for examining the subject, not censoring it.

  80. Cowan+Morell’s “Contagion Myth” (2020), which denies germ theory, was also banned by amazon last Summer (amazon refunded pre-release sales). For a while, it was the #1 selling book on Barnes+Noble, which is where I bought it. BN also sells self-published books.

    I’ll definitely buy your book when it’s available- I want to see what amazon found so “objectionable”!

    Cowan/Morell+Kaufman make their case here:

    1. It should not be up to Amazon to ban ANY book unless it’s porn or something totally indecent! Who do they think they are? I banned Amazon a LONG time ago. You should do the same.

  81. Glad to hear it. I would not buy your book from Amazon as I vote with my dollars and do not patronize evil ventures like it.

  82. Sebastian, like many commenting today, I find this exceedingly depressing. I would be more than happy to pay for an English-language PDF, and avoid Amazon altogether.

  83. Dr. Rushworth are you familiar with the MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol for Covid-19 coming out of the FLCCC Alliance? More specifically, do you have any thoughts on on the remarkable success that has been shown with using Ivermectin to treat Covid at every single progression of the disease?

  84. Amazon as Facebook, what kind of game are they trying to play? This helps us to find out what is happening behind the scenes. and find alternatives. I like, by the way, and thank you, Steven UK,for suggesting it.

  85. Contact it tweet out to Alex Berenson. He had the same thing happen to him over his covid books. He tweeted out and Elon Musk made a comment on it in his tweets and “miraculously” Amazon realized they made a mistake!! Haha His books are now published and available. Try Alex.

  86. The biggest beneficiary of the lockdown is Amazon. Therefore, the censorship is not a big surprise. Dear people, I hope you know what to do.

  87. Maybe talk to Vernon Coleman?
    His books, including “Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe and Effective is Lying” are still available on
    The contact details on his website have been removed (too much hate mail) but there is a phone number in the ‘Permission to reproduce’ section that might be a link.
    If he can keep going…

  88. Amazon have probably been one of the biggest beneficiaries of lock down nonsense. It makes sense that they want actual facts about it (over fearmongering) hidden.

  89. I am not suprised ,but it’s strange why AMAZON still selling the following book
    “Corona, False Alarm? Facts and Figures ”
    by Karina Reiss Ph.D. (Author), Sucharit Bhakdi MD (Author)

  90. Dear Sebastian,
    You should contact Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) and maybe also Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald).
    Greenwald helped Berenson overcome unjustified Amazon censorship for one of his books only a few months ago. They would likely both be interested in helping you.
    All the best,

  91. Could the contradictions of the ‘fact checkers’ have something to do with either the code used to find the ‘culprit’ and suppress it or and this in my mind is more likely, Amazon’s alleged ‘fact checkers’ are, if the experience of others who have suffered the same fate, is anything to go by, utterly unreliable, not to be trusted.

  92. Sebastian,
    you should see it in a positive way.


    All the best

  93. Try Powell’s Books in Portland. They have a large online presence and recently stopped using Amazon as an additional outlet.

  94. Sebastian and others in Stockholm, feel free to come to the truth & freedom demonstration tomorrow 6/3 at 14:00 in Medborgarplatsen. It would be cool to have doctors and scientists that have been censored there as well, and a brilliant opportunity for you to market your book to a big crowd of truthseekers. Hope to see you there!

  95. This is another example of large Tech company censorship. I will be happy to buy your book (english version). Please let me know where I can buy.

  96. WOW! If this keeps up then I’m going to have to pull my Prime membership.

    Keep us updated on where we can obtain a copy. I am curious to read your opinion on this topic, and don’t need some Big Brother tech company telling me what I can and cannot read.


  97. As soon as the English version of your book is available, Dr. Rushworth, I’ll buy a copy, and look forward to it.

    I’ll also promote it on Twitter to my hundred or so followers there.

  98. You might try

    You might try Castalia House established by an ex-pat American who lives in Italy–

    castalia House

  99. Hi Sebastian. Sorry to hear about Amazon not taking on your book. I’m sure you put a lot of work into the book, and it must be disappointing for you.

    Based on what has been written in the comments section so far, my opinion probably won’t be very popular with your readers, however, here it is …

    Amazon is a business. Businesses exist to make money for their shareholders. I do not think they are censoring your book, but are making a business decision. As you know, Sebastian, Covid is highly controversial. If a business promotes and sells a product, even if it is 100% backed up by science, but goes against “official sources”, or even what the public perceives is correct, sales for that company can fall. As a result, companies tend to distance themselves from highly controversial products. I think if they believed the book would better their financial position, with little or no risk, they would have taken it on.

    My recommendation is to find other outlets that will sell your book and don’t worry about the ones that choose not to. Good luck!

    1. Paul– So you’re saying that Amazon will pull books that ‘follow the narrative’, but are so poorly written and will have weak sales? No–they have all sorts of junk that sits there and barely moves. His book was pulled for a reason. It didn’t fit the approved globalist agenda. That’s why. And that’s why ALL this censorship is exploding right before our eyes.

  100. I am an American, and I can say I am ashamed to say that over 50% of my country actually voted for the party that supports censorship. This is an electronic form of the occasional book burnings that have been inflicted upon Europeans for many centuries, but were largely absent, until now, in the USA. You can go onto and find legions of books about the craziest health remedies, mostly be people with no medical or scientific training. Or, if you are interested, you can buy Mein Kampf from Amazon. It is not banned. I would like to stop using Amazon and get my books and such from Barnes & Noble or Walmart, but all these corporations in the USA are drinking from the same trough.

  101. Wordery or Waterstones are best in the UK. Most others have been bought up by Amazon. But it’s probably a computer that has censored it. As someone else has advised, talk to Alex Berenson, who had the same problem.

  102. Irononic. Many think Sweden is a success story and the rest of the world should emulate . . .

  103. There ought to be a law!!!!!! Wait there is one!! it is called the First Amendment … freedom of speech and press, among other things. Problem is there is no room today for dissenting views and the msdia has sold-out so there is no place to publish anyway.

  104. This has inspired me to finally support your blog financially. Keep up the great work and I know you will find some other way to get that book into this country. Maybe Chelsea Green? I think they might be brave. I stopped buying from Amazon about two years ago.

  105. I find it interesting that online services lobby Congress to ensure they’re not liable for content provided by contributors on their sites, then turn around and ban those contributors for the content they’re posting!

  106. Can’t challenge the false Communist narrative on the virus, Doc. The little people are supposed to double mask and obey. Your science doesn’t agree with theirs so you must also be a white supremacist. How dare you challenge their fear mongering dogma!

    Unfortunately cancelling one’s AMZ account won’t have any impact on their bottom line unless about a billion people join in. Prime memberships are only a fraction of their revenue.

  107. Sebastian , this is outragous!. Amazon have no right to censor and decdie what is and is not approptriate for publishing. This is police state type subversion. Your book MUST be published in english langage. Have you considered changing the title?. You could certainly get round Amazon’s robot filters that way.

    Looking foward to reading your book very much.
    Take care
    Dr Trevor Wing

  108. Trevor, we are loving in a police state in most of the world right now.
    Are you aware that whist still President Twitter cancelled Donald Trump. While still in office.
    So he moved across to Parler.
    Apple and Google then promptly remove Parler from their APP and Play store, and just for good measure to prevent you gaining access to Parler via their website direct, Amazon removed them from their web services platform.
    Looks completely coordinated.
    Any suggestion that the US election was stolen , the vaccine causes or can cause numerous health issues, anything against the official narrative gets you suspended.
    Sebastion is one of thousands, do it shows he is hovering too close to the truth for their liking.
    The world had been silently taken over by Communism via their control of almost all leadership via bribes, blackmail, or only appointing the right people in the higher echelons. Freemasons, The Bullingdon Club, secret societies.
    You really think Hancock, Whitty and the other criminals seriously believe the rubbish they spout.

  109. Dr. Rushworth,
    I doubt it will do any good, but I was able to register a complaint to Amazon using their ‘chat bot’.
    I also complained that they make it so difficult to register complaints. All that will go nowhere, I’m sure, but I thought I’d give it a try. I hope something changes – hope springs eternal…

  110. I’m appalled to hear your news. I will share your post please keep us all informed where we might obtain your book. Have you contacted What Doctors Don’t Tell You and other great refs maybe they will sell it on your behalf? Your Facebook page etc? I’m so very sorry

  111. If your book was called “Wear two mask, stay in side and get any shot you can” it would have made it through.

    I hate seeing Doctors that are using science based facts get censored because it is not what the main stream wants. This is scary and wrong.

  112. I’d be very interested in you book of course. I believe you will find english publisher and will be able to sell the book. And I am sure that when you do, you’ll let all of us know. I look forward to buying and reading it 🙂 Fingers crossed. If there is any way how to help the promotion, let us know.

  113. Just fired off a message to Amazon. I am looking elsewhere when it comes to shopping and especially books. Comments and referrals from others in the comment section was greatly appreciated.

  114. Dear Mr. Rushworth & Community,

    the censorship is very regrettable and shows again that it is about a political agenda. As also shown by the example of Prof. Stöcker’s antigen vaccine–which is very easy to produce.

    What do you think about his invention? The procedure was published by him: his blog is in German, but easy for you to translate with an internet tool.

    Best regards,

  115. Please let us know when this difficulty is overcome. I would love to buy the English version of the book. Specially if it selling in a place other than Amazon.


  116. Hej
    Boken: Falsklarm om Corona? Skriven av professorerna Bhakadi och Reiss beskriver ungefär detsamma som din bok skillnaden är i stort sätt att din bok är lite mera sifferexercis men resultatet är detsamma. Det märkliga är att deras bok ligger 1:a på bestsellerlistan på🤔

  117. I guess than nobody at Amazon has read the book and that it has been judged because of its provocative title. You could rely on old-fashioned tactics to avoid censorship and use an aseptic title, something like “Critical review of Covid 19 assumptions”.

    Regards from Madrid

    1. Yes, just change the name and wordings. So long as your intended audience will understand it that’s all that matters.

      In the UK, it’s been known for entire civil service reports to be written in code, sometimes called ‘Mandarin’. See also some of the jokes from the BBC TV comedy ‘Yes Minister’, broadcast >40 years ago. Many whole episodes are there to view on Daily Motion. ‘Brave’ for instance meant foolhardy. Still hilarious; things still run the same way as they did then.

      Also, I’m not sure if this is any use but many US companies and individuals are highly unlikely to understand irony. They’d take a statement at face value. To me, as a Brit., it’s second nature.

  118. If you find you can’t get published don’t worry, you’re in good company. Renowned author Vernon Coleman found himself in the same situation when trying to publish on the very same subject, and got around it in a very simple way. I quote from his introductory note to Coming Apocalypse:

    “In order to publish this book I was informed that I had to remove all references to the name of the problem which triggered the close downs. And so you will not find herein any reference to a word describing a disease which begins with the third letter of the alphabet. Nor will you find any reference to a disease name which ends with a number which is slightly greater than 18 and slightly smaller than 20. In addition, in view of proposed new legislation which will make it illegal for anyone (including doctors) to share facts and opinions about a specific medical procedure, I have avoided using a word beginning with ‘v’ and used the word inoculation instead.”

    This could be funny if it wasn’t terrifying that we, a supposed beacon of democracy and free speech in the world, have fallen to a level of censorship that would elicit the envy of the most authoritarian police state. The real trouble though rests not so much with the clique of incompetent leaders and their corrupt advisors who are directly responsible for this disaster, but rather with the astonishing level of stupidity of the population at large, and with their passive, unquestioning acceptance of such ludicrous and idiotic impositions as a more enlightened people would only laugh at. Fear and ignorance combined can do that. The late George Carlin comes to mind when he used to point out the maybe, just maybe, it’s not the politicians that suck, but the public.

  119. I don’t know about you guys and I’m wide awake to what is really happening , but I’m beginning to get pretty scared right now.
    The Deep State Cabal have well and truly bribed and blackmailed all of our institutions.
    We are now up the same creek without a paddle as is the USA, with all the Congress and entire judiciary completely turning a blind eye to the Election Fraud which was so blatant to be almost unbelievable.
    We are now either so doomed or there’s going to be a miracle that’s going to save us.
    It’s on a knife edge and I really don’t know which way this is going to play out.
    Reading Nigel Farage in his Fortune and Freedom newsletters he seems to be optimistic without quite giving anything away.
    I hope with all my heart he is correct.
    Keep praying everyone.

  120. I fear you may be correct. I never imagined we would see in the U.S. what we are currently witnessing. And it has occurred quite suddenly and assumed a momentum all its own. Hard to explain, but I suspect the human animal is interested in power first and foremost. Ergo, many of the things that give life its beauty and majesty take a back seat.

  121. Not ‘bizarre’ or even really ‘censorship’.
    Amazon’s stance makes perfect sense.
    On an issue that is critical to global health (whichever way you look at it) why would anyone want to publish something that can’t easily be updated (eg a physical book) when the science is still rapidly evolving??

  122. I recently have been banned from a couple of social groups for questioning the official narrative which they turned into a nazi mandate. They were mandating masking while exercising (???) and antisocial distancing when hiking outdoors (???).

    Has anyone else questioned the official narrative in their social groups? Has that resulted in a ban?

    The panic-mongering has resulted in a great deal of public neuroses.

    1. I have questioned the present Covid rules on various Quora sites and hat resulted in a ban in DE, in IT, in FR, in NL and UK.

      Twitter put my reactions behind a wall and only LinkedIn leave my reactions as they war, but there I have only approx 14,200 connections.

      1. Guess I should have clarified that I wasn’t talking about social media–I’m talking about social groups I have been in for years and done activities with.

  123. Dr. Rushworth,

    In your book, do you discuss retired Finnish migrant workers? I have heard that they have a very high mortality rate from covid.

    Could you discuss that?

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