Lockdowns have killed millions

Lockdowns kill covid-19

Over the course of this pandemic I have often wished that Hans Rosling was still alive. For those who are unaware, he was a medical doctor and a professor at Karolinska Institutet who had a particular interest in global health and development. In 2012, Time magazine declared him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

During the last few months of his life, in 2017, he wrote an excellent book called “Factfulness”, that summed up most of his thinking, and described how many of the things people “know” about the world are completely wrong. Hans Rosling is something of a hero of mine, and if he was still alive, I’m sure he would have contributed to bringing som sanity to the current situation. With his global influence, I think people would have listened.

Two of Hans Rosling’s former colleagues at Karolinska Instituet, professor Anna-Mia Ekström and professor Stefan Swartling Peterson, have gone through the data from UNICEF and UNAIDS, and come to the conclusion that least as many people have died as a result of the restrictions to fight covid as have died of covid directly.

And while almost all the people who have died of covid have died in rich countries and been old, the vast majority of people who have died of lockdown have died in poor countries and been young. This means that the number of years of life lost to lockdown is many times greater than the number of years of life lost to covid-19 (as I’ve written about on this blog previously).

The specific causes of death are malnutrition, caused by shutting down the global economy, lack of vaccination, caused by shutting down childhood vaccination programs, and treatable diseases like tuberculosis and HIV, that have been prioritized down as a result of efforts to fight covid-19.

These unintended consequences of the efforts to fight covid have caused the rate of childhood deaths to increase in 2020 for the first time in decades. The two professors also note that rates of childhood marriage and of teen pregnancy and abortion have increased significantly as a result of taking children out of school. They have been interviewed about their findings on SVT, the Swedish public broadcaster. If you speak Swedish, you can watch a documentary that discusses their conclusions here.

I have to say, I’m very impressed with SVT for producing this documentary, and daring to put a lot of the numbers in perspective. The documentary clearly shows that covid-19 is nowhere near as deadly as the 1918 Spanish flu, and is in fact very much in line with the flu pandemics of 1957 and 1968. And they note that more people died of smoking last year than of covid. But we haven’t made smoking illegal. And they also note that anti-democratic governments in many countries have taken advantage of the pandemic to move forward their positions, get rid of opposition, and limit human rights.

Lockdowns are inherently racist and elitist, with unclear benefits but proven harms. We all need to stand up and tell our governments that we don’t support what they are doing, and we will not vote for any politician or party promoting continued lockdowns and restrictions as a solution to covid-19, unless they can clearly show that the benefit to society as a whole is greater than the harm.

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152 thoughts on “Lockdowns have killed millions”

  1. I loved “Factfulness”, a story of hope and yes I too wished Rosling were here to tell us not to be so afraid of the normal facts of life and death. Unfortunately the way this ‘pandemic’ is treated proves once again how important his work was. It’s a must read for all politicians right now. I could calm down all over-reactions.

  2. Excellent article. I agree 100%. I will not vote for any political party that uses lockdowns as a tool.

  3. “Lockdowns are inherently racist and elitist, with unclear benefits but proven harms.”
    This is the sort of thing people should understand nowadays. How come the left vs. right media (and politicians) have got this so wrong?

  4. Bravo, Dr. Rushworth! Here in Portugal our President has declared that we are still in an emergency and is extending the current lockdown indefinitely. Our beaches are closed, all restaurants except for takeaway, most shops, cafes. Normally there are weekly fairs all over the country where one can buy produce, meat, baked goods, clothing, household goods, etc, etc. These have been closed too. The people are unhappy but are not protesting nearly enough to show this autocratic man who claims to be following the advice of experts that Portuguese people are not stupid!

    1. Governments are using the nonsense argument that they are saving lives (I’m from the government and I’m here to help you) and quoting death rates in support of their falsehoods. Typically, they do not tell the masses that nearly all have other serious illness, usually multiple and life threatening, and the average age is 82 years. Of course, most are simply dying with covid or at least with a fraction of a corona virus genome detected in a PCR test.

      1. To Geoffrey and all,

        It only takes one look at the EUs own gold standard website, euromomo.eu , all cause mortality, all European states, compiled on a weekly basis since 2015.

        Once on the website, go to Graphs and Maps. There is a selection choice type radio button. Choices are weekly or cumulative. Set that to ‘weekly’ or you will see all the deaths in the real pandemic back in spring last year.

        Then scroll down to the map of Europe half way down the page.

        You can clearly see ‘ All Cause’ mortality is ‘NORMAL’ across the entire EU. And has been for at least 2 months now. Everywhere.

        To check previous weeks there is a handy little ‘interactive’ button labelled ‘play’.

        Click ‘play’ and the map will update interactively showing the figures for each week since 2015, for the whole of Europe.

        You will there that All Cause Mortality has been Normal Everywhere since February.

        If there are COVID deaths then they are Replacement Deaths. Replacing Flu, replacing pneumonia, replacing just about everything else they can think of. Everything’s Covid. And they are liars.

        Check the Graphs out. Then spread this info far and wide amongst all your friends , family and colleagues.

        It’s real info like this, getting out in the public domain that will put an end to all Government lies that will stop the Lockdowns.

        They are purposely not publicising this kind of info.

        Campaign for your freedom folks. Or soon you won’t have any.

        And for a simple explanation of what’s going on in the world search out Janet Ossebaard‘s excellent documentary ‘ The Fall of the Cabal’ . Use DuckDuckGo search engine for less censored searches.

        I’m doing my bit folks, trying to spread my knowledge to help people. Posted stuff like this on local WhatsApp groups, local forums.

        Now you do the same. The more people are empowered with the truth, the sooner their lies fall apart. Get to it everyone. You owe it to your children.

  5. ‘… they haven’t made smoking illegal.’ It’s pointless to compare smoking, road accident deaths etc with Covid. Smoking and traffic accidents are not infectious and are avoidable by individuals. Viral infections are virtually uncontrollable.

      1. Even if , by doing so, may lives are otherwise lost? I don’t think so. That is the simplistic argument of politicians all over the world who are claiming to ‘keep us safe’.

    1. Unless you are generally healthy going into said viral infection. Then your risk of dying is astronomically low. And yes, by and large your health is largely the result of your own choices.

      1. Though I have general sympathy for much of what SR writes, for this poster to say “your health is largely the result of your own choices” is typical bourgeois individualist nonsense: in every country in the world the life expectancy of the richest is far longer and the health of the richest is far better than that of the poor, surprise surprise. And poverty is not a choice. And that’s on top of the “choice” to live in a world outside of our choice – a world of GMO products (which weakens the body’s immune system) , a world of cancer-inducing nuclear power, a world of pollution (air pollution kills 7 million people a year), a world hurtling into the abyss of environmental destruction which is hitting the poorest parts of the world first, etc. Typical capitalist ideology. The only free choice – and the healthiest choice of all – is to fight this fundamentally sick world.

      2. The alternative to freedom as awakening responsibility for choice is a mind set in grievance, envy, and vengeance.The choices that we make are firstly at the level of self-definition and belief but these are the last to be uncovered.
        The denial of responsibility and freedom as Consciousness is the externalisation of Cause to Other, to Past, To circumstances and conditions.

        SEE what the world made you and weep or rage and die!
        Or see the world you make in every moment by the word and meanings you give even if running automaton or subconscious conditioned ‘normal’.

        You don’t choose your curriculum.
        Only when you are willing to take it.

        This is responding to the comment below – which dis not have a reply.
        A practical exposition of this may be seen in Marshall Rosenberg’s facilitation.
        Relationship is like a living water.
        No one can make you drink, but as our original nature, the quality of being truly seen or heard is a recognition of freedom to be and move that is hidden while running an armoured masking survival mode.

    2. Actually the passive inhalation of both tobacco smoke and vehicle fumes kill and maim the innocent too: especially in busy cities where the poor tend to live. Alzheimer’s for example is clustered in areas with high levels of vehicle emissions.

    3. Smoking isn’t infectious?

      Maybe not in the traditional viral way, but it most certainly spreads just as effectively due to forces that can be combatted.

      I’m hoping this isn’t a serious statement.

      1. I use the smoking analogy when explaining to soeone masks don’t work. If they stand 50 yards downwind of a smoker while wearing a mask, they still smell the smoke. The smoke particles are much bigger than a virus, but it still gets through. And if you’re in a car behind one carrying a vaper, the smell still gets in when you have the windows shut.

    4. You are only partly right, but not quite: you are right that it cannot be compared to road accidents, because road accidents cannot be prevented by lockdown measures.
      But you are wrong in putting smoking in the same basket as road accidents, to prove any point regarding the sense in governmental interventions. Because if the argument is that “If a government knows the cause of anything that results in heavy injury or death and has the means to prevent it, then it has the moral obligation to do something against it!”, then there are very simple ways of stopping people from dying of something as stupid as long cancer caused by smoking. The causality has been proven a long time ago, to the extent that packs of cigarettes have to indicate BY LAW that smoking causes cancer. If governments would want to save every life, like in the case of Covid-19, they could put an immediate ban on smoking and save an uncountable number of lives, while letting people save a lot of money in the process. This reasoning would be much more valid than lockdowns and measures in case of Covid-19, where the CAUSALITY between lockdowns and spread, as well as wearing of masks, social distancing, has not been proven scientifically at any point and is being repeated by govenment-appointed “experts” only, without scientific consensus or debate. Back by extremely faulty science.
      The only real argument that could apply for not banning smoking is that it is addictive, so it would be a forced aggression on smokers. If that argument would be the only one standing however, then a step-wise approach could follow, whereby from this point on any person who is CURRENTLY under a certain age (16 or 18 or whenever, when addiction could not yet developed) would not be allowed to smoke, the instigators or guardians or parents be prosecuted under heavy penalties if it occurs. As time progresses, a whole generation would grow up not even knowing what smoking is, since it would not be allowed. Talk about a health revolution..
      The reason that no politician will do that: money. The lobby is too strong to do an actual sensible step towards health. At the same time, to protect a much smaller number of people, 99,99% of populations lose all their freedom of movement, acting and speech.
      At the same time, politicians are inversely motivated on lockdowns: huge profits, a lot of power to control people better. A no brainer if they need to choose which way to “save” lives. Or sacrificing them.

      So the comparison is quite valid indeed, on lives saved vs lives lost.

      1. Most people in the world including many in these comments have gone completely bonkers.
        Lockdowns have never before in history been used against a virus. Reason I guess is they tank economies.
        As another commenter pointed out the Spanish Flu was roughly 40 times as deadly and the 1968 flu was perhaps twice as deadly. No lockdowns and both over in 18 months or so.
        I was 14 in 1968. Life was normal. I vaguely remember my mum insisting I had an haliborage tablet every day. Woodstock festival was held over those times.
        It is madness to lockdown to save grandma and grandad, while taking a wrecking ball to the futures of our children and grandchildren.
        Those of us who knew instinctively that something was very amiss regarding the virus and lockdowns know from our research that the real reasons for the lockdowns are far more frightening than the virus.

      2. Road accidents CAN be eliminated by banning all automobiles! But who wants that (except for a few crazy climate cultists)? Imagine if we had a traffic commissioner named Antony Fauci whose job was to reduce and eliminate the scourge of traffic accidents. His solution is to ban all autos, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and trucks. Empty the roads (with the exception of himself who he would deem essential). I’m sure North Korea has very few auto accidents. But the consequences to all aspects of life? We shouldn’t have a lockdown to prevent the spread of a virus and nothing shows that it actually helps. We shouldn’t have a virologist or immunologist running all aspects of our country.

      3. Flayer1, road “accidents” occurred in the days of horses and carts too.

      4. We can’t abolish traffic, but we could rearrange cities around people rather than autos. This is belatedly starting to happen in an incremental sort of way in some cities.

    5. Sorry ,but you must also suffer from ‘information deficiency disorder’.
      To say ,this is an infectious dessert.

    6. Pro lock down people often make that point and it is a valid point. If you were in a non lockdown place though you could still protect yourself by wearing masks (plural) and socially distancing. Of course if you did that during a bad flu season, you could still easily catch flu because masks and 2m distance will not protect you. Try being in a room with an infectious flu person and see if the mask helps. You will still get flu if the dose is high enough and if you have the right receptors and if you have no T or B cell immunity. The mask protection will be trivial I believe. Whether you die of the so called cytokine storm effect associated with covid is purely a matter of random antibody chemistry (aka “luck”).
      Sweden did the right thing in my view by simply telling people there was a problem and advising them of how to minimise their risk. I am in the so called “vulnerable” population. It is no ones fault that I am vulnerable, it is just aging. I can protect myself while stronger people go free. There are any number of strategies I can use to limit my exposure should I desire. With time, herd immunity will take over and I can gradually be more free (if I don’t die of something else in the meantime).
      Recently here in Brisbane, we had a lockdown for just one positive pcr “case” and part of the ruling was you must wear a mask in your car even when alone”. Idiotic of course and who wants to live like that. Next thing they’ll be asking us to put masks on the car air vents. That is how stupid public health officials can be and yet people obeyed.

      1. lockdowns or people that sulport them have no points. Viruses will spread anyway. No science behind them, rhey were never been used in the past, and many papers around that prove they do not work. But why do we need papers? We have Sweden, Brasil, Japan, South Dakota, Florida, Serbia, Belarus, Thailand and many other countries and territoriea that 100% prove that lockdowns have no effect. Japan has almost 0 covid and they never locked down. And so on. People that support lockdown are either Scared, fear mongered, low intelligence individuals, or paid trolls. Anyone with brains new that lockdowns were political from day 0. Unfortunately, that is the truth.

  6. Dear Sebastian,
    While I am totally with you about the negative effects, and the elitist character of the lockdowns I am surprised about Hans Rosling would have been on this side of the fence regarding the Covid policy. Does that mean the Bill and Melinda Gates would not have influenced him?

  7. The problem here is that the counter factual, how many deaths from covid would there have been without lock downs is unknown. No-one doubts that there have been many errors and misjudgements made in the global management of this infection. Doubtless PhD theses will be written on this for the next 50 years or so, but it is too soon to be passing judgements on what might have been the outcomes had lock downs been avoided. As mentioned, the main impact of lock downs has been in poor countries, while lock downs may have avoided deaths in rich countries and ICU’s being swamped.

    1. There is some evidence from a study in the USA that the ‘fallout’ from the economic shutdown aspects are likely to take up to five years to show fully in the death rates. The impacts of social isolation, bankruptcies, increased domestic violence, poor nutrition and increased homelessness from joblessness, etc., can rake years to work their way through a society.

      1. If you look through Malcolm Kendrick’s work I think you will find it can take many more years for all the deaths to show.

      2. No doubt. But for the record, the surging homicide rates in our most gang affected cities are showing up now. Make no mistake: the poor and working class are suffering greatly in America. The Epidemiologists in America just aren’t talking about it

      3. The nature of cascading factors from shutting down the Economy is not quantifiable.
        The wilful destruction of global economic infrastructure, brings degradation, scarcity, sickness and early death to those who are excluded or discarded – whether in the developing (sic) nations, or in the developing poverty within the ‘developed’ nations – will reap incalculable effects.
        I call it wilful, but I also sense that a corrupting and corrupted system is breaking down under its own self-contradictions, and that the attempt to persist the core of such ‘possession and control’ is pre-empting an inevitable as a shaped charge by which to seek to control and shape the post collapse world order, from the existing mindset of technologism harnessed to possession and control as private agenda seeking cartel monopoly. Marketisation and weaponisation of Science, Language, and all forms of communication and exchange operates a dissociative insanity, that kills its own host, perhaps to reset and recycle the same pattern as a ‘new order’ ?
        Bringing insanity or indeed lawlessness into check and containment calls for waking from its framing – for there is no answer to the problem in its own frame. Law is both Reason and Love.
        But the dissociation of rationalised substitutions run as legal fictions of contracted ‘consent’.
        Holding for love and reason as a unified and unifying and lawful basis from which to live is holding the conditions in which parasitic thinking does not find support. Insanity can seem to be a unified and oppressive enemy, but is a mess of contradiction sharing common purpose under fear as denial and the mask of control. It cannot stand, but by receiving sacrifice of love and reason to its idols, ideals, that predicate models and systems of dogmatic filters and rules that limit and deny life so as to seem to have possession and control over and apart from it.
        True religion is not mind-control, so much as an integrative alignment of heart, mind and world, and science grown from reaction to the corruption of religion becomes the thing it hates in a new set of clothes. Integrity is not a mask but the integral connections and balancing of all parts of the whole. So I see the emergence of true science as a result of awareness and correction of corruption in its own template of self-definition or indeed Temple.

  8. Thanks so much for all your lucid information. I wish I could become a patron but as at present I am buying my necessary food on my overdraft. I haven’t funds to spare. Keep up the good work!
    April Dunnett (a retiree in early 70’s living alone and much annoyed by lockdowns – going out as much as possible/feasible to keep my immune system up, and taking Vit D, Vit C, and Vit B – on account of being vegan – being obliged to wear a facemask) I was bold/unwary enough to put some questions on Facebook, knowing it was “putting my head above the parapet” -some support from a couple of folk, but mostly shot down by friends!

    1. April, I so empathise with you re daring to put your head above the parapet. I read this, and other reasoned discussions that dare to question the covid orthodoxy, but have given up attempting to discuss with anyone other than those already of the same frame of mind as myself. This polarisation of opinions does not allow for any real progress to be made, and the widespread demonisation of the ‘unbelievers’, ie anyone who dares to question that lockdowns are the answer, is one step further towards totalitarianism. We are already living in a state where neighbours will ‘snitch’ on neighbours….who would have thought it a year ago?

      1. Gill, neighbours have been informing on others for years. Then it was because they were perhaps running an untaxed car (so no insurance) or they had six noisy dogs that barked all night, or had lots of people visiting the house in the hours of darkness. Now it is something FAR worse, such as having your family round for lunch.

    2. April stay strong. I’m sorry “friends” shut you down on Facebook. This happens to me too. I don’t attempt to change their views but to help people who only watch the news and listen to the brainwashing to see things from the other side. “Friends” were shocked when I explained there was a 0.0306% chance of dying from/with covid.
      Friends don’t have to agree with your opinions but a good educated debate is alway healthy.

    3. Consider http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v17n03.shtml
      for modest antiviral supplementation recommendations:

      Vitamin C, 1000 mg (or more) 3 times daily
      Vitamin D, 5,000 IU/day
      Magnesium 400 mg/d (in malate, citrate, chelate, or chloride form)
      Zinc, 20 mg/d
      Selenium 100 mcg/d

      I take Life Extension Super K (vitamin K2) whenever I take vitamin D3, for bone health. Considering that most every American is deficient in D, especially at the end of winter, 15 or 20 thousand IU/day for a couple months is a good idea.

      I attended a Linus Pauling lecture when he was 83. His personal practice was to supplement vitamin C in amounts short of it causing him diarrhea. Maybe 10 grams/day for many people. I routinely take 3 grams/day.

      About a year ago, I woke up feeling like I was catching a bad cold. I don’t get colds. Considering what I had been reading about the covid 19 virus, I followed what I remembered of Pauling’s advice. I started taking 1 to 2 grams of C/hour. By bedtime, I had taken over 20 grams of C. In normal health, that would have given me diarrhea, big time. It did not. This is a clue that the large amount of C I had taken was being used up by my immune system’s struggle against whatever caused me to feel ill. The next day I felt somewhat better. I took perhaps 12 grams of C and that evening I felt back to normal.

      For what it’s worth.

      1. Hi Stephen,
        I’ve Ben on almost identical regime to your daily regime since last March, except over the winter I upped the D3 to 10,000 IU.
        I discovered the regime very early in the pandemic on the excellent mercola.com website.
        Some of the followers on his forum seem to have amazing medical knowledge

        As many may know Dr Mercola is very anti vaccine and anti Big Pharma, instead promoting natural remedies.

        For his stance he had obviously paid a big price, but he has a truly enormous following and I believe his sites provides the best advice in the world.

        Regarding the virus his stance would best be described as look after your immune system and your immune system will look after you.

  9. I’m no fan of unnecessary restriction of freedoms – but this article seems to miss the key point.
    Surely it’s not whether the ‘Lockdowns’ we have had, have caused the loss of more years of life than they have allowed Covid to take, but whether the complete loss of ‘life years’ suffered due to the Lockdown approach (total excess deaths whether directly or indirectly caused by Covid and our response to it) is greater than the complete loss of ‘life years’ that would have resulted from not Locking Down.
    And of course you also need to consider what the result would have been if we had in fact of locked down harder and faster instead – especially given that those countries that did appear to have got their economies back on track much quicker and would therefore have contributed to a significant lowering of the ‘Lockdown caused’ deaths according to this study.
    In summary, this study DOESN’T show that we have lost more years of life by locking down than we would have by not locking down, and in fact suggests the number would have been reduced further by locking down harder and faster.

    1. reset your hypnotised brain, read history, see covid diagrammes in locked and not lock countries and revisit your conlusions. there is 0 evidence lockdown worked or never worked, whereas plenty of published evidence that the di not work at all and they produce multiple more deaths. not mentioning the PCR test fiasco, or already half dead people registered as covid. you have been hypnotised and your government wants you destroyed. if you cannot familirise yourself with all the above proven concepts, you will never see what is going on. because blindness and sleepiness guide your sight. with all the respect, if you don’t do it for you, do it for your siblings, kids, or who ever you appreciate.

      ps. the top scientists in the world, ALL, believe that covid is a moderate flu. WHO publishes their papers (ie. Ioannidis).

    2. Compare North Dakota that locked down with South Dakota that did not. Compare Sweden with the UK. Look at how the death curves go up and down, regardless of the measures taken. Pretty much everywhere.

      There is no evidence that lock downs saved lives. Just a belief system that propaganda has created. One can always play the counter factual game of what might have happened though and say that Armageddon was averted. “Millions would have died….”

      But humans have lived with illnesses that might have been caused by viruses for ever. This is the only time we have been this stupid.

      By the way, no one has even isolated the alleged virus. Not properly. Koch’s postulates have not been followed either. It may not even be a virus causing this disease. But our medical establishment is programmed by Germ Theory to always look for viruses as the reason for everything.

      1. I resonate with your comment – as many others here, excepting to assign it to ‘stupid’.
        The recoil to blame and judgement generally operates a masking device over what is thereby protected from exposure. I know it seems stupid. And a definition of stupid is to persist in what doesn’t work and cant work as if THIS time it will be different. In that sense I can agree.
        I regard the ‘Great Reset’ as no more than persisting in the same underlying error, under a repackaged and much more sacrificial narrative dictate.

        Once a personal pejorative takes over, language loses descriptive power to a means of invalidating or attacking any questioning of a narrative, model or system, assigned status of truth. And so at least part of our ‘stupid’ is invested identity in a complex of narrative deceits – that of course go back or down to our predicates.

        The willingness to uncover truth has to persist through the resistance of the persistence of acquired personal and social and institutional habits. Without love of truth, and truth of love’s alignment of purpose, the ‘Prince’ will not make it through the ‘thorn thickets & etc’ to wake the realm of the ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

        Note: Be on the alert for little pricks!

      2. Brian, there’s lots of long words there, and a somewhat confusing structure. I couldn’t understand what point you were trying to make.

  10. So basically the conclusion is:

    Without Lockdowns: Elderly people with compromised immunsystem will have a risk of dying, if infected by covid.

    With Lockdowns: Young people will die from starvation, at an equal or greater number, than the elderly will do from covid.
    AND: Elderly people with compromised immunsystem will have a risk of dying, if infected by covid.

    So anyone with half a brain must logically come to the conclusion that because of the Lockdown, we’re sacrifying the young kids for…….nothing.
    The elderly sick people will die in either scenario, they always have been, and always will be, that’s why the average age of covid death is 84, we all have to walk down that path eventually, it’s part of living.

    1. With one breath our politicians scream at us to obey the lockdown mandates claiming that not to do so will kill a granny.
      With the other breath they have the elderly ejected from hospitals, stick DNR orders on them and deny them routine access to healthcare as they are forced to sit alone locked up in a ‘care home’.

    2. Here is an article discussing the differences in “Covid cases” between Florida and California, with very different approaches. Fl is comparatively free while Ca is under heavy lockdown, similar to Sweden vs most other EU countries. Which state is doing better in terms of number of cases? Florida, apparently.

      It’s interesting though that in Sweden, we’re moving towards more severe lockdowns while other places are lessening them (e.g. Texas). When will Swedes learn to not trust the media blindly?

      1. As of yesterday 17 US states were completely open for business, with their State Governors overriding the Federal rules.
        I believe also they have overruled the mask mandates and if you don’t wish to wear one you don’t have to. Even indoors like restaurants, shops etc

      2. JohnO, no need to worry here in the UK, Hancock, Vallance, Ferguson, and Whitty, all of whom are facing criminal prosecution will ensure we don’t have reckless decisions of removing the safety net of lockdowns.

  11. Hear, hear! Hope the media and oppostion will also see what the lockdowns are widely causing. Thx

  12. Actually the cessation of childhood vaccination programmes is one of the few good things to come out of this covid debacle.
    This is evidenced by the significant decrease in sudden infant death syndrome in nations that imposed lockdowns, as the medics stopped injecting their various toxic brews into infants far fewer infants died.

    ‘While Becker and Blaxill22 admit there is still “no specific data on the SIDS trend during the pandemic,” the data does show that this drop is related to a dramatic reduction in infant death specifically, not older children or teens. Koren Wellness brings up the possibility that reduced vaccination rates may have played a role by reducing the number of infants dying from SIDS:


    ‘Remarkably, after banning vaccinations for babies under the age of 2 in Japan, SIDS virtually disappeared. In the years that followed, Japan became known for having the lowest infant death rate in the world. In contrast, the U.S. has the highest infant mortality rate — and the highest vaccination rate as well. If infant vaccinations improve health and save lives, why do our statistics not support such claims?’

    1. Yep. Vaccines are one of the other great myths of the modern medical dystopia. I recommend reading “Virus Mania” that has just been updated. Very illuminating. A totally different stance from the propaganda we are fed by the medical and Pharma establishment.

      1. I concur with your recommendation and add ‘Fear of the Invisible’ by Janine Roberts for a readable overview of some insider detective work.
        There are others that are stark revelations such as Dissolving Illusions, for those willing to look head on at the documented history beneath the ‘Narrative Saviour’.
        But Virusmania and Fear of the Invisible both manage to convey a lot of factual context without fixating in the horror implicit in such an intensely invested belief given protected status by the leverage of fear.

    2. You will have noticed that Dr Rushworth cites the fall in childhood vaccinations as one of the causes of increased mortality in poor countries as a result of lock downs. The measles outbreak in DRC in 2019 caused over 6000 deaths, mostly in children under 5, preventable by vaccination.
      Vaccinations have been one of the most important medical advances; smallpox epidemics could kill up to one third of the population (Japan 735AD) and had a mortality of 30%. Vaccination programmes have eliminated this disease.

      1. As I mentioned in an earlier post, seek out a copy of Vernon Coleman’s book ‘ Anyone who Tells You vaccines re safe and Effective is Lying’.
        I believe it is still available on Amazon, £3.99 plus p &p.
        Written in 2011 , so as the author says in the preface if anything he writes about was untrue, Big Pharma would have sued him for everything he owns.
        The book covers Polio and Small pox amongst many other vaccination programs.
        It will open your eyes that we have been lied to all our lives by those that have previously controlled the narrative.

        For further research specifically regarding Polio vaccination programs in Africa, search out on Bitchute, Janet Ossebard, The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal. part 8. Regarding the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their vaccination programs.

        I must warn you this stuff is not for the faint hearted. And ignore any warning that Bitchute is a site for Conspiracy Theorists etc etc. This is a brilliant tactic used by those that want to withhold the truth from us. Label it a Conspiracy Theory, or Fake News, or Fact checked as incorrect. And it works every time. And the sheeple, they say, oh I heard about that but it’s fake news, and they investigate no further.

        Another warning. Once you open the door to the truth, about everything, you can never close it again and go back to your old belief systems. I started investigating last September when the so called second wave arrived and I knew something was very badly wrong with the official narrative.

        Once you start learning the real truths it leads you to more and more truths. There’s no putting the lid back on. So don’t open the door if you wish to cling to your old beliefs .

        They don’t call this stuff The Great Awakening for nothing. Gradually and slowly more and more people will wake up to what’s been going on in the world all our lives, unbeknown to us.

      2. Funny that Gates cites vaccination as a way to lower populations in ‘problem’ countries that are not allowed to develop and so are coerced or taken over as the resource stripping and geopolitical assets and proxies to the bullies in the playground.

        Narratives elevated to protected status are evident by a lack of transparency and accountability. But hey – don’t they sound great!

        Colonialism (plunder and enslavement) simply takes different forms. Medical (sic) mandates are central planning dictates operating global leverage for the established networks of control that works systemically.

        If you believe what you are told you will of course regard me as mad. But that is your responsibility to yourself. Everything is marketised and weaponised under a mask of ‘virtue’ – excepting you choose not to identify there.

      3. Then there’s the situation where children were vaccinated for measles in another African country, and they didn’t die of measles. Success? No, they were made more susceptible to other diseases, and the number of deaths was statistically higher than it would have been without the vaccination campaign.

  13. thank you for your efforts.

    as for comparing the pandemics, if you take into account that world population increased since then and multiply the old victims as if all pandemics were this uear, you would end up with (January to January):

    Spanish Flu 1918: up to 220 million deaths
    Asian Flu 1957 flu: up to 5.7 million deaths
    Hong Kong Flu 1968: up to 8.8 million deaths
    Corona Flu 2020: up to 1.8 million deaths

    (Source: Brittanica. Wikipedia has chamged the numbers recently. Even with changed numbers, conlusions are the same)

    so, corona flu was many less lethal than 1968 and 1957, and more than 40 times leas lethal than 1918.

    It is all a blatant lie, that was carefuly designed, yeara back to: a. ruin world economy b. spread total control through fear c. (and worse) condition present kids to grow into the ultimate sheep.

    The very Sad part was that an average brain could knownthia since day 0 by intuition and by March with real data.

    So Sad people. You have been, and many of you still are,


  14. Elderly people have been dying of starvation, bed sores and infection from sitting in their soiled beds and diapers for days because in Ontario Canada the powers that be didn’t learn from the first wave and hire more support workers. Nobody has time to deal with them or feed them ….but the family is locked out of the institution and banned from visiting, helping or knowing what is going on…..never mind the sheer loneliness and wasted time they could have had with loved ones.

  15. Thank you very much for this, Dr. Rushworth. I’ve just ordered “Factfulness.” What this horror show has clearly demonstrated is the dominance of industry over governments and against the interests of those who elected them.

    1. Gary, you’ll enjoy it. I was fortunate enough to be given it as a Christmas present a couple of years ago by my son. It’s a real eye-opener.

  16. Thank you for your work. The problem is we will never know the true numbers either way. There has been much devious manipulation in the way the numbers are gathered, that facts have been obliterated. https://www.bitchute.com/video/n4M4ucnaef90/ Shows some Liars i Labcoats as examples.

    It has gone beyond how many have died as a result of what action, most people now have a shell of an existence, with little to look forward to. It’s only the likes of Billy Goates (see ukcolum for the origin of this if you are not sure) who is gleefully rubbing his grubby mits, at the possible population reduction.

      1. It was from Fox news, a MSM narrative supporter, showing, if you had bother to watch, how the likes of Fauci says one thing then flips the next week, then flips again. It is there for you to see, but then I suppose it’s a good idea to believe only half of what you see. Saves problems when you have got into the seeing double state.

  17. I have his book on my reading list. Maybe it is time to finally read it. I liked his gapminder presentations. Reading your clear and factual posts really helped keep my sanity between permanent covid fear mongering on one side and crazy conspiracies on the other. I hope the house of cards will crumble soon.

  18. This is another great article supported by the facts of the collateral damage of this false pandemic. When are enough people going to wake up to what is going on and how we have across the world surrendered our rights to a group of people driving this inhumane policy for purposes that gave nothing to do with saving lives. Why does freedom of speech have no relevance in this place we are now living.

  19. Thank you so much for your valuable work.
    When discussing this with the Corona-Sheeple, then the arguments are “But Bergamo!”, and “young healthy people die also” and “long covid”.
    I know you have disproved point 1 and 3 already. Is there an analysis about “young healthy people die also” somewhere?….or could you analyse and show the real facts?…..
    Many thanks

  20. Would love to find an English-dubbed or subtitled version of the documentary you linked to.

  21. I fully agree with all I read in your blog. Keep on telling your truth Sebastian. I am amazed and very dismayed at the global group think response by governments. Perhaps this has something to do with the World Economic Forum ideas being explored by the worlds most senior people, now being put into practice?
    As a survivor of the early Covid19 experiment-4 weeks in hospital 6- 4-20 to 4-5-20 I have an interesting perspective. With 10 days intubation and then recovery etc. I left hospital with no sense of smell, no taste, little voice and 32 pounds lighter. Fortunately I am now fully recovered.
    But my own journey to real recovery only began outside hospital, self medicating (I ditched the drugs I was given when I left hospital as I found they were making me ill) and doing all the physical and mental work necessary. It has been hard but I’ve been fortunate to understand what is needed to overcome body shock and post viral fatigue syndrome and offset viral damage. I have previously recovered from the Asian flu in 1957 and two further nasty viruses prior to this time during my life. After all of my experience of the effect of SARS 2 and my subsequent covid19 disease my view is unchanged only strengthened and aligns with your views of medicine in general and the Covid19 today.
    What has been done is a global hysterical response that has been supported and encouraged by very bad science. Anyone who dares to speak up is silenced whenever possible by institutional influencers. The question remains – WHY? Perhaps the hubris of the modern day elite is central to answering this. The world is now facing many new challenges but control of people’s minds through fear has always been throughout recorded history.
    I will likely never really know the answer but I do know I will cycle 66 miles on or just after the 25 – 3 – 2021 which will be the 1st anniversary of the onset of my Covid19 and me just turning 66.
    Thank you for helping my sanity through this journey. NPR

  22. HI Sebastian, I found you early on in your postings about the pandemic in Sweden
    Around the same time I came across Ivor Cummins and his Viral Issue podcasts.
    The 2 of you confirmed my own opinions that the world had gone mad regarding this pandemic and my views were in fact same.
    Ivor and yourself have helped me which in turn had helped my family get through this madness with out sanity still imtact.
    For that I thank you greatly and would like to say what a courageous young man you are.
    I hope there is a position for you at the very top of the tree when the, along with Ivor, when the truth regarding this pandemic is fully exposed over the coming months, and the whole of society changes for the better.
    For now keep up your excellent reporting.
    Perhaps you could do one of your excellent in depths analysis’ on the topic of vaccinating children against Covid
    In the UK it seems Hancock and cronies are already starting to push that agenda.

  23. In Québec, Canada our health system is essentially centered on hospitals. The last reform of our system (implemented by a physician !!!) has left our local network of first-line care (CLSC) eviscerated. Also, the need to have a decent system for at-home care has been recognized by almost every government since 1970 but to no avail. I am quite certain that a significative proportion of COVID cases could have been kept out of the hospitals if those 2 elements of the health-care system had been functional. If so, the central argument for lockdown (we have to avoid overwhelming the hospitals) would have been far less pertinent. For those who still doubted that our health care system is deeply flawed, this pandemy should be an eye-opener. On the other hand, the inertia of the system and the all-encompassing power of the medical profession are such that we may well return to business as usual after the pandemy evolves as an endemy.

  24. Dear Dr. Sebastian,

    I’ve been enjoying your blog newsletters, and appreciating your step-by-step approach of factual honesty. Have you heard of Dr. Paul Thomas from Oregon, US? He had the largest pediatric practice in the state of Oregon. (I say ‘had’ because of recent events, that in the light of the current status of the mafia-like pharmaceutical global cartel were probably inevitable.) Paul Thomas (pediatrician) ran a credible, but not intended to be peer-reviewed study that compared the over 13K children in the practice. He’d previously authored a book about a more ‘friendly’ way of approaching childhood vaccinations, so he divided the children into three groups – those vaccinated according to the CDC protocol, those whose parents had their children vaccinated according to the ‘friendly’ plan, and those children who were unvaccinated. I believe the stark results rather shook him up.

    After that, Dr. Paul Thomas decided to run a new study, and make it one that could be peer-reviewed. This time there were two categories, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated children, and these two groups were compared in multiple areas of ill-health that typically bring a child to a pediatrician’s office. https://www.doctorsandscience.com/research

    If the chart in the linked study above is a true representation, how much worse might it be for children that lack access to decent water and to consistent necessary nutrition? What if pharma took a page from the tobacco industry and put it on steroids? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3490543/

    I referred to inevitable events above because within weeks of publishing the study, Paul Thomas had his medical license removed by basically witch-hunt charges, no doubt sent as a punitive warning by pharma.

    I know that you’ve challenged the narrative of statins, and with integrity. Would you consider the possibility that there is also a long and carefully constructed false history and narrative for vaccines? https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/rfk-jr-daniel-pinchbeck-vaccines-eliminating-mortality/

    It’s when it happens on a personal level that most of us begin searching for the truths we weren’t being told.

    Thank you for reading this, and most of all for the time you take to share with others in your blog.

    With respect,
    Joan Richardson

    1. It is completely out of order to cite these ‘studies’ by Dr Paul Thomas. They are not peer reviewed and ‘published’ on his own paid for website.
      This is just charlatanism.

      1. Ian Kestin: That is simply not true. It is good science, a comparison of two groups within a large pediatric practice: vaccinated and unvaccinated. The comparison is of the number of office visits for a large number of pediatric conditions, and the results are demonstrably damning to the U.S. vaccine schedule. The unvaccinated are much healthier, as were my cohort (we got only three vaccines in the 50’s; today’s schedule calls for 72). Do you work for the pharmaceutical industry?

      2. Ian Kestin, there is much done by TPTB under the guise of “science” that is not peer reviewed, and is not even remotely “science”, and they make piles from PPE, tests, and treatments, erroneously referred to as “vaccines”.

      3. Wholeheartedly agree Ian.

        Note Amazon removing anything from their bookstore that is remotely anti vaccine.

        If you can get hold of a copy of Vernon Coleman’s book, ‘ If Anyone tells you Vaccines are Safe and Effective they’re lying’

        I managed to get a copy last November.

        It was published around 10 years ago so been around a lot of years.

        But as Mr Coleman says in the preface, if anything he wrote was untrue he would have been sued big time by Big Pharma long ago.

        If you can’t get hold of a copy just search on DuckDuckGo for any of his works and podcasts and you will see the evil of Big Pharma.

  25. That means all the politicians will be voted in again! Where I live everyone loves the lockdown and an awful lot wear their masks with self righteous pride in the street, some even when walking in the countryside. I think they enjoy their virtuous victimhood with the added bonus of saving the world from burning up whilst simultaneously drowning from rising sea levels.

  26. It is not just the recognised non-democratic governments who have taken advantage of the Covid hysteria. The UK government passed, without a murmur of opposition, legislation enabling actions without accountability that the likes of Genghis Khan and Pol Pot would be proud of!

    1. The UK government is not democratic. It might have been at one time, but Common Purpose has seen to it that it is no longer the case.

  27. Your intellectual honesty is commendable but also compartmentalised in my opinion.
    The narratives for the defining of medical conditions vary according to ‘development status’.
    Toxic exposures, malnutrition and cultural subjugation work under virtue signalling against the development of anything but a monopolising control over human tools.

    But the main thrust of your article reveals the tip of the beginning of destructive outcomes so unthinkable as to run freely in the minds of those who intend them as the right to reset and restructure life on Earth to their own image and agenda.

    But without any letters after my name, I can say that from the outset – what ELSE could possibly happen as a result of the controlled demolition of the global economy – as our infrastructured networks of life support?

    Insider ‘stakeholders’ are positioned as the core for a ‘new order’ based on coercion and deceit. This parasitic mindset may focus in such agencies or actors, but like a mushroom is a node of propagation for what lies beneath.

    Dead cells are cleared by fungi and dead thinking attracts parasitic processes. While this can be seen as destructive, it must also operate within life as integral if we are willing to zoom out rather than compartmentalise to specialised reaction. Dead thinking is another term for dissociated and locked down ‘mind’ to a body of rules.

    Bankers in 2008 found toxic debt in place of living assets – and were seen to repackage toxicity into complex financial instruments by which to present ‘eating toxic conflict’ as a source of financial protection or gain. The medical system is no different. All systems are sharing the pervasive corruption of ‘dead thinking’.

    My sense is that renewal is inevitable but fear of pain of loss of invested identity has stored up such conflicts as to become ‘too big to fail’ and thus EVERYONE else must fail to bail out the ‘dead system’. Of course structure and systems of thought can serve us, but as gods demanding sacrifice serve only the recognition of a most fundamental corruption, or to put it more bluntly a profound lack of substance to our most fundamental presumptions.

    … This post completes on

  28. Vernon Coleman’s book, ‘ If Anyone tells you Vaccines are Safe and Effective they’re lying’

    1. yes. VirusMania can also still be purchased on Amazon. new third edition just out. a must read.

  29. Hi Sebastian, have sen the previous Vetenskapens värld which discussed gender differences in reaction to medicines. In accordance to that, I wonder if you know how if the Covid19 vaccines have taken any notice regarding different reactions women versus men? Are the vaccines tested among women in one group and men in another or are they mixed?

  30. Scientists: Vaccination Before EVERY Holiday May Be Needed
    Summit News reported:

    Scientists at Oxford University have suggested that people may need to have a coronavirus vaccination not once, not twice, but EVERY time they want to travel out of their home country.

    The scientists published a report in the Royal Society Journal last week that acknowledged there is little data on how efficient or long lasting the current vaccines are, and so it is likely that countries will require a recent vaccination.

    Having endless vaccinations when there is no indication of how effective they are, or what long term side effects there may be sounds absolutely mental, but that is what is being suggested.

    Speaking to the London Telegraph, Epidemiologist Christopher Dye, a leading author of the reports stated “If we thought that the duration of protection was just a matter of months, then the sort of criteria that might be introduced – we’re not saying they should be – is that when one travels internationally for a short trip, going on vacation for example, that one is vaccinated each time on that occasion for that particular trip.”

    These aren’t scientists, they are opportunists.

    1. Have you got a link?

      I am a fan of Dr Mercola, his advice had helped me tremendously with my health issues.
      Here is an interesting read from him about the falling numbers of SID and premature births during lockdown.
      Would be interesting to have a deeper look into this..

  31. Are there any preprints to read containing the analysis.
    This seems intuitively plausible, but some data and analysis are needed otherwise it looks like polemic.

  32. We can no longer remain passive, but have to stand up, to gather and fight in order to get back our rights as citizens, Our right to live free and be responsible for our own life, the right to do our Jobs and work in our profession, to get back our dignity as human beings. John the demonstrations being initiated in many countries

  33. Don’t be ridiculous.
    I lived in Cambodia for some time, leaving 8 months before the Khymer Rouge arrived in Phom Penh. Some of those I knew survived. They describe meetings that if you gave a suspect answer, you were taken off and a plastic bag put over your head and your body left in the rice field.
    Are you seriously suggesting we are in a similar situation in the UK?

  34. Not so far off. Do some research to find out what Bill Gates had planned for us.
    A good starting point might be to go on Bitchute and search out the truly excellent Dutch documentary maker, Janet Ossebard and her The Fall of The Cabal videos.
    Hopefully starting there will lead you to do some more research elsewhere.

    1. Funnily enough the same day Dr Rushworth posted this article, Bellingcat published a piece on the platforms hosting alt-right websites after being kicked off FB and Twitter.
      Bitchute is characterised by Bellingcat as “rife with racism and hate speech.” and “racist slurs, Nazi imagery and calls for violence against Jews remained common in video comment sections”

      Dr Rushworth usually posts balanced reviews of important topics that have been published in prestigious journals. Referencing these hate filled websites as if they are comparable to peer reviewed major journals is not acceptable if you wish to be taken seriously. You had better have a long spoon as you are supping with the devil.

  35. Ian, the Conspiracy Theory tactic that I mentioned worked well on you. Recommend you best not take the lid off the box and stick to your current belief systems.

    1. JohnO; Having read the quality of the arguments in this forum, then I think I will stick to my current beliefs. One of Dr Rushworth’s other posts dealt with ‘the scientific method’. You have to accept some things on trust; I cannot prove the world is round or that men went to the moon but I believe these to be facts. I have done a considerable amount of peer reviewing for prestigious medical journals. so I have read the vaccination publications in the lancet and NEJM and can assess the statistical methods, the limitations of the results etc for myself, but I accept the basic data as a fact. I do not suppose you do. Your previous post basically describes your journey into a religious belief. You have joined a cult.

      1. ian kestin: It is the vaccine promoters who are a cult. The same amorality and junk science which characterized the CDC during Tuskegee is alive and well today. They know perfectly well the damage they are inflicting upon American children, but don’t dare speak out because they would be mercilessly attacked by the high priests of the medical cartel through their enablers in the media, and silenced by the despots of the social media companies. There are perfectly decent people who work there, of course, but they have families to feed and retirement benefits to consider. As RFK, Jr. has stated more than once, the CDC functions as a vaccine company, owning 56 vaccine patents, and spending billions of taxpayer dollars yearly on vaccines to distribute around the country. Which pharmaceutical companies do you receive compensation from?

      2. Ian, do yourself a favour and read Virus Mania and then do comeback with the facts that are there accumulated by ‘the scientific method’, from a considerable amount of peer reviewing prestigious medical journals. You have to accept some things on trust.

  36. Hello,

    Thank you for the great article. I’m still on the fence between pro & anti-lockdown. If we stop the lockdowns, what’s the solution to the ICU capacity problem?

    1. Really?
      ‘Who is ‘we’ that can stop lockdowns?
      As for ICUs are you aware of discrepancies between media assertions and reported and documented fact?
      Or the deliberate rundown of facilities to induce ‘scarcity’?
      Or the diversion of vast finance to anything BUT addressing the problem?

      Do you still perceive ‘lockdown of people and economy’ as a strategy to ‘flatten a curve’? Or save the NHS? Or prevent the ‘virus spreading’? Or ‘until the vaccinations roll out’? or until the new variants have updated vaccines.

      Do you really think you are on any kind of fence relating to real choices with real outcomes?
      Or does the ‘fence’ frame the narrative in an entirely false frame or reference.

      What could possible NOT be avoided as a result of shutting down Global Life Support?(Global Economy). However don’t let the lives of others get in the way of the ‘Opportunity of an Era’.

      Redefine the problem away – AFTER having redefined flu and colds as IF an active killer pandemic. But leave the lockdown in place as the invisible conditioning ‘normal’ of a reversal of Law, such as to require social credits for permission to exist, move, live, work and associate.

  37. If the available, low cost treatments were used appropriately, and people did what they could to reduce the effect any disease would have on them, there would be no ICU capacity problem. The UK should also have more ICU beds, but successive governments of any party have reduced the number over tye years.

  38. It requires some finesse and big-picture thinking to attempt to quantify the costs of the Virus in direct terms vs. costs of the Virus-Response.

    The first step is recognizing the concept of “life-years,” as alluded to in the OP here.I believe a fair and comprehensive accounting would put “lost life-years” from the Response at many times worse than the Virus, probably thousands of times worse.

    I write about this in an essay I’ve titled “All Life-Years Matter”:


  39. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/israel-pfizer-vaccine-killed-more-elderly-than-covid/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=7ab61c63-bdc0-423a-89ec-c0dfb0a560a0

    The above link for today’s childrenshealthdefense email.

    It seems it’s starting to come out now just how dangerous these vaccines can be. Killing proportionately many more than the virus itself. Including young people.

    Please share with friends even though many think we are fruitcakes. This Pfizer vaccine is extremely dangerous.

    Remember , when good men stay silent evil will prevail.

  40. Thank you for your sensible assessments of what is really going on throughout this awful time. Hopefully the truth will out-history will look back and commend the heroes of this age such as yourself through this dark time! Many Many Thanks ❤

  41. Totally agree.
    Hopefully Sebastian will have a big part to play in the new future that lies just ahead.
    We are on the final leg now and Sebastian from the very beginning has been trying to wake people from their cozy slumbers.

  42. Historian Toby Green’s next book, ‘The Covid Consensus – The New Politics of Global Inequality’, due to be published in April, promises to be a rigorous examination of these questions. One of the strangest aspects of the last year has been the way those who seemed to be in favour of promoting greater equality, have not only been doing the exact opposite, but have been ruthless in their smearing and vilification of those suggesting any alternative to the new orthodoxy.

  43. Sebastian, I loved Your bok.It shows me that I am not insane, thinking same way.
    Hope this political mashystery will be soon över.
    Hoping to meet my family without taking vaccin?
    Tack,tack att Du finns

    1. I understand that the protests in Wuhan were significantly fuelled by the complete indifference of the authorities to the ongoing pollution and please for help. A virus is not needed to account for respiratory sickness running to extreme complications in Wuhan.
      I understand the setting up of toxic sickness and unrest as a basis to push out more technocratic controls. I also see the Chinese involvement with the coronavirus ‘drill’ with major stakeholders prior to the live drill.
      I can see that those in control feel threatened by their own people and believe they need to keep them afraid to maintain it, while also needing always more control.
      The WHO as an agency of Big Pharma, runs ongoing fear scams. There is a known history.
      Back of all corporate fraud and malfeasance is financial control. Bankers determine the distribution of funding to be able to feed or choke movements, wars or redefined ‘pandemics’ should the agenda not serve their interests.
      A so called reset is in process. The people have no real say in any of it. Yet there consent and compliance is needed and induced by coercions and deceits, as an ‘offer they cant refuse’.
      The medical (sic) arm of a globalist agenda has operated a trojan back door.

  44. 2.5 million people have already killed be lockdowns (unired nations).

    Many of the so called covid victims are lockdown victims as well. Heart attacks, seizures, delayed cancer treatments, hospital rejecting patients or patients afraid to go to the hospital, their situation severed, rushed to hospital, got the flu inside and died beacuae of the lockdown imposed problems, registered as flu deaths…

    But, real medical deaths from lockdowns will come in a couple of years and beyond, (cancera etc.) just wait.

    It is all a well organised crime. Anyine who is not brain washed and programmed is jusr paid, on a global scale. if you think they don’t have the money or way ti do this, do some simple math and rethink of it.

    This worls is horrible, becaise we allow it to be so.

  45. I would like to make a one time donation to support what you are doing. I’m not interested in making an “on-going” monthly payment. However, I was unable to see any venue on your Patron’s page for making that happen. If that is possible, I’m happy to make a one time donation. Just let me know how to accomplish that.

    1. You could make a (larger) periodic commitment and cancel it after one payment. (I agree it would be good to allow one-off donations but Sebastian might prefer to have a regular income, and that might be what Patreon exists for.)

  46. I reviewed the 140 or so comments. Very few contained or referred to any real science. A large number promoted all kinds of conspiracy theories and referred to other web pages for “validation”. But all those references merely repeat the conspiracy theory, all based on conjecture. No real facts or science, no proof of any kind.

    Here is some science, based on real numbers.

    In order to conclude that “as many people have died as a result of the restrictions to fight covid as have died of covid directly”, you need to know how many Covid deaths would have occurred if there had been NO lockdowns. Since most countries have imposed some kind of social distancing and lockdown, some more extreme than others, these statistics do not exist.

    However, it is easy to calculate the number of Covid deaths that would have occurred without a lockdown.

    I took actual Covid numbers from Canada prior to when lockdown started and used published values for the reproduction number R to calculate the number of Covid cases. It was then easy to compare them to the actual cases that occurred with lockdown. This is a really simple spreadsheet using only basic arithmetic.

    After 9 weeks there would be 3,000,000 cases of Covid if nothing was done, but only 74,100 cases with lockdown.

    You can see why so many countries went into lockdown in March 2020. If you were a leader of a country and your health experts showed you these projections, even if you didn’t understand the math and weren’t sure of the result, would you have risked 3,000,000 cases of Covid that would have overwhelmed your hospitals versus 74,000 cases by not instituting lockdown? Most responsible leaders did not take that risk.

    You can see the complete analysis and the spreadsheet at https://anydaynow.blog/lockdown-controversies/

    1. Ernie Dainow

      I believe those calculations are correct. If they weren’t how would have any flu spread stopped? This is the reason that any flu outbreak including the Spanish Flue had stopped, people got infected, some died, most recovered gaining immunity and in the end the herd immunity is build and the outbreak stops for the lack of carriers. Not knowing how dangerous Covid was, the initial reaction by the governments was justifiable. But now, a year later, knowing what we know of Covid, knowing not only that its mortality rate is on par with a bad flu but also that its mortality curve is the same as the natural mortality, in other words the older you are the more likely you’re to die, the older you are the likely you’re to die of Covid. This was not the case with others, the Spanish Flu has killed mostly the young people. Knowing all that it is not justifiable anymore to continue lockdowns. The only reasonable approach is to protect the vulnerable and let the rest of the population get immune naturally and when the herd immunity is achieved and the pandemic stops the vulnerable can come out of protection. And this is not even including all the knowledge we have gained about effective prophylactics that should play a major role. Why aren’t the governments doing any of it but continue with the lockdowns and the vaccinations?
      There is an interesting question, why did the governments decide to be so cautious in the initial approach of this flu and not any other that happen seasonally every year? The only logical answer is, they believed that it was very dangerous. What was the base for that belief? Was it the Hollywood style show in Wuhan with welded doors, etc.? Or did they have another reason to believe that it was so dangerous. I do not believe that Wuhan lab released the virus on purpose but I do believe that despite al the safety measures the virus has escaped form the lab. China did know well what the virus work in Wuhan lab was for, it knew that by the GOF process the virus was able to infect humans but did not know how harmful it might be. I believe this knowledge, that we are dealing with a man-made virus was the base for the governments fear.
      I do not have an explanation why the governments continue the lockouts, but I’m not at all surprised hearing rampant conspiracy theories. When one cannot find a logical explanation for what’s going on, one starts looking into explanations beyond logic.

      1. Andre´, the virus (if any) is not the problem. It was used as a cover for the restrictions which implemented in most places for the economic benefit of the few. The UK is predicted by deagal.com (better check the spelling) to be 15 million by 2024 (it used to be easy to see, but they have chnged the page presentation so it is more difficult to find. They certainly appear to be doing their best to ensure it happens. The US forecast is 110 million. Best start an undertakers service.

      2. Another reason why infectious disease eventually abates is because of mutation – towards a less virulent form. If an infectious agent is highly virulent it will kill its hosts quickly and therefore limit its infectivity. Ebola is self limiting so by placing a region in quarantine it eventually kills all the vulnerable and ultimately dies out but is carried in certain other hosts than humans, ready to go again.
        Not so with a low mortality virus like Covid. Any tendency towards killing its host will result in the end of the line for that mutant variety. Therefore, the virus will tend to evolve towards a less virulent type, not killing its multiple hosts and so guarantee its survival. This phenomenon, along with population (herd) immunity causes an epidemic to subside; but the virus will be lurking somewhere -usually in another host until next time.

      3. Andre,

        It doesn’t matter how much health authorities knew about how Covid-19 infected people or how dangerous it was. There were measurements of the reproduction number R0 as early as January 2020. That’s all you need to calculate virus spread, as shown in the spreadsheet.

        “One of the first estimates for the R0 for SARS-CoV-2 infection was published on January 23, 2020: 2.5, significantly higher than estimates for MERS but relatively similar to another relative, SARS, which caused a deadly global epidemic in 2003.”

        Especially in Canada in mid-March, when extreme outbreaks had already occurred in China and many parts of Europe, there was no reason to believe the case numbers would not increase exponentially, as in the spreadsheet.

        As long as you have a reproduction number greater than 1, the virus will continue to spread. So governments continue to impose lockdowns when cases start to rise, to try and reduce R to be less than 1. As noted in the full article in the link, lockdown is the only social distancing measure that will reduce R to less than 1, which is necessary to slow the exponential growth.

        Letting the virus spread without controls in order to achieve herd immunity leads to excess suffering and death and is irresponsible. It will result in a very large number of cases very quickly that will overwhelm hospitals. This happened in Italy in the first wave and in California recently in the second wave. Anyone who was there, or saw the coverage on TV, knows that efforts need to be made to “flatten the curve” so this does not happen.

        Lockdown and other social distancing measures are not unique to this pandemic. You can find many articles and books about how plagues were dealt with in the past.

        “From the onset of the Black Death in 1347-48, Italian cities which faced the Mediterranean, an epidemic sea, constructed a complex and articulated health defence system which was an example to all other western countries. The cornerstones of this health defence system lay in quarantine, sanitary cordons, lazarets, disinfection, and in the social regulation of the population at risk.”

        “Popular narratives continually included grievances about the cruelty and inequity of quarantine and the militaristic nature of its implementation. Despite these objections, quarantine remained a staple of the government response to plague outbreaks throughout the seventeenth century.”

      4. Ernie Dainow,

        Exponential raise in infections is not unique to this pandemic.

        There is nothing irresponsible in letting the virus spread with protecting the vulnerable and using effective drugs like ivermectin as prophylactics as well as early treatments.

        Is the purpose of the lockdowns in Australia (including closing interstate borders) and New Zealand because of a single case to “flatten the curve”?

  47. Ernie, calling everyone else conspiracy theorists, while claiming almost only you have the real scientific data, is the art of the troll. You are claiming huge numbers of deaths with no lockdown, with relatively few with lockdown. Carry on believing that if you wish, but you have no way of knowing, period!

      1. Ernie Dainow,

        Please look at the total number of deaths per 1 M population in 2020 for Sweden and Denmark. Shouldn’t the number for Denmark with the lockdowns be significantly higher? Yet it isn’t so.

  48. Andre,

    Sweden’s policies of avoiding lockdowns have been extremely controversial.

    This graph shows “Cumulative confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million” people in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. It clearly shows Sweden with higher counts than its neighboring Scandinavian countries. Some people use this as “proof” that lockdowns work.

    On the other hand this graph shows Sweden with fewer deaths than France and the U.K. Some people use this as “proof” that lockdowns do not work.

    Clearly comparing deaths in Sweden to other countries does not determine if lockdowns work or not.

    Fundamentally there are many variables that contribute to how much the virus spreads in a country. Whether a strict lockdown policy is used or not is just one variable and is not sufficient to fully determine the impact of the pandemic.

    Here are some reasons proposed to explain how Sweden was able to avoid a strict lockdown.
    – The country’s vacation period lasts longer than that of other countries: from May through September. During that time, many residents abandoned cities.
    – Other European countries had more strict measures and lockdowns but came out of that in April or May. Sweden had softer measures, but kept them in place for a very long time.
    – Sweden has a lower proportion of multigenerational households relative to most other European countries. Roughly 33% of Sweden’s elderly population live alone compared to just 20% of elderly residents in Greece or Spain, which tends to lower the transmission/reproduction rate.
    – Sweden has one of the smallest average household sizes in Europe, lowering the reproduction rate.


    There are a large number of variables that affect the virus transmission/reproduction rate. Here are a few:
    – Face covering policies
    – Grocery and pharmacy stores change in the number of visitors
    – Level of income support
    – International travel controls and the change in the number of visitors
    – Public information campaigns on the Covid-19 pandemic
    – How good is the contact tracing
    – Public transport closures
    – Cancellation of public events
    – School closures
    – Were fewer people going in to workplaces
    – Did people spend more time at home

    1. Ernie, to compare Sweden with Finland and Norway is not honest without giving the full picture for the previous few years. Norway and Finland had a death figure which was similar to the figure for 2020. Sweden had a figure for 2019 which was lower than the previous years. This meant there were people alive in 2020 who would have died in the previous year if the figures are to be compared to Norway and Finland. When the low count for 2019 in Sweden is taken into account, there is little difference in the figures overall. To get this, all you have to do is to use a five year average, instead of listening to the gloom and doom spin pundits.

      1. AhNotepad,

        I was trying to show that comparing death rates between countries cannot reliably answer many questions, due to the large number of variables that affect the impact of Covid-19.

        But here is my response to your question, since I know that many people make these country comparisons anyway.

        I’m not sure which death statistics you are referring to since you did not provide a reference. I used this source to get charts of the Deaths per 1000 for Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

        I don’t really see a significant difference for the death rates between these countries in the last few years. To establish a significant difference you would have to do a statistical analysis.

        I don’t think it is appropriate to do a 5 year average, or even a 2 year average. You use an average to smooth out variation over a short period of time. Daily Covid-19 death and case counts can go up and down from day to day so a 7 day rolling average is typically done to provide a clearer picture of the trend.

        These death charts show an Annual % Change at the bottom. The death rates vary by only a fraction of a percent. Using a multi-year average does not smooth out variation which is already very low but instead loses important detail.

        If your blood pressure was 125/80 (normal) and then changed to 180/110 (very high) and your doctor said “Don’t worry, when we look at the two year average your blood pressure is 130/85”, you should get a new doctor.

  49. The impact of covid-19 WOULD be similar to other flu seasons BUT for the draconian/hysterical reactions of people such you are are representing.
    It has a 99%+ survival rate. If the ‘discovery’ of a composite of code sequences had not been rolled out with a Media and political circus over pre drilled lockstep into pre-emptive lockdown, no one would have noticed anything unusual.

    To establish whether a real and severe or deadly pandemic is underway or simply a WHO defined ‘pandemic’ that triggers all the pre-established drills and deals, look to the death by all causes and compare with previous years.

    This bypasses the media bilge and political distortions to reveal ‘much ado about nothing’ special.
    If you think your individual daily blood pressure is the equivalent to a statistical comparison of quantified deaths, you can believe or assert anything to prop up your preferred narrative, and are therefore incapable of reasoned debate.

    Deaths ‘with covid’ are an extremely unreliable statistic – largely based on meaningless tests and various clinical observations. But don’t let truth get in the way of a good story (sic)!

  50. Hi. I just discovered your website so I haven’t read everything. I don’t know if you’ve come across this analysis of Sweden:
    Basically nothing unusual happened in 2020, and the Dry-Tinder theory is correct.

    Also this analysis of the vitamin D calcifediol study in Cordoba which strongly suggests it is effective:
    And also this op-ed in vit D:

    Also I as a layman don’t know if this site would interest you: https://trialsitenews.com

    1. I wanted to add, I suspect the elites chose Sweden to have no lockdown precisely because they were aware of the unusually low no. of deaths in 2019, and that there would be an increase in 2020 to ‘revert to the mean’ regardless of whatever else happened, and then they could spin this to make it look like not having a lockdown was a disaster.

  51. Sebastian, I totally agree. We need an update on Sweden.

    Particularly so with the bought out politicians in the U.K. claiming it is the lockdowns that have caused the cases to drop, not the vaccines.

    They are wrong on both counts. It’s the seasonality and Herd Immunity beginning to kick in.

    Your thoughts please Sebastian because you are now a big influencer of opinion and voice of reason.

    1. Stop vaccinating people.

      The folks in hospital now are mostly the jabbed. This will continue.

      RFK Jnr who is greatly respected recently posted an article estimating jabbed people are 8.8 times more likely to catch Covid than the un jabbed.

    2. It does not matter. Population immunity must prevail and does so by natural means before vaccines become developed. Due to genetic drift towards a less virulent strain (yes, viruses evolve and it is in their best interest not to kill their host, but to increase its infectivity), herd immunity and cross-protection immunity the death rate falls dramatically as infectivity increases. But sometimes, the virus will become extinct as with SARS or will lurk somewhere in another species – until next time. Governments and their woke advisors like to tell us it is their vaccine(s) that is effective in driving down the death rate. However, natural factors clearly prevail as was the case of the Spanish flu which lasted about 18 months. Covid is no different but claims by the political elite that their vaccines are ‘working’ is clearly to cover up their past indiscretions and poor public policy.

      1. I realise your thought comes as natural to you but have you ever considered that viruses are a narrative of social control, that operates cover story for toxic exposures, loss of resilience and vitality, and susceptibility to fear, doubt, debilitation and defences that then DO the very malice the disease was assigned, such as to ‘prove’ that disease is attacking by the treatments applied?

        That fears set in thought can hijack and replicate and reprogram the mind is so evident as to need no study to prove the point. Or hopes that are then offered to the fearful as the only solution.

        Biology outside of labs and computer assisted modelling does not operate as the model dictates. And the model is protected as ‘too big to fail’ in terms of invested identity as face and control.

        Your post may pass muster in the milieu of its collective expression but it postulates a virus-centric view of a Living Universe that assigns our sickness in mind to the Life we dissociated from, and think to replace, replicate or remake in our image.

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