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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what perks I can offer to those of you who choose to become patrons, as a thank you for your support. And I’ve finally come up with something that I think you will find valuable. It is a private forum that can only be accessed by patrons. I have set the forum up so that there is a private Q&A section, where you can ask me anything and I will answer. I will also be adding regular polls, to let patrons decide what specific topics I research and write about on the blog.

Patrons will also get access to other perks through the forum, like the opportunity to get signed copies of books, such as my upcoming book about covid-19.

And patrons will of course also be able to start their own topics for discussion in the private forum. My hope is to create a vibrant private community full of interesting conversations about health and medicine.

If you’re not already a patron, but you would like to support my work on the blog and at the same time gain access to these benefits, you can sign up to be a patron here.

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5 thoughts on “New perks for patrons”

  1. I’d like to do a one-time donation, but I don’t want to donate monthly. Can you explain how I do that?

  2. WOW!! How on earth do you find the time to be a doctor, produce content and write a book and do all the stuff you do? I am impressed!

  3. Now you understand that, as always, money is not cheap. As Life…

    Attributed to:
    Ezra Pound — If anyone has no intents to sacrifice himself for his ideas, either is ideas are not worth, or he is not.
    Gilbert Keith Chesterton — The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried.

    As I think that you’re a good Man, with full respect for what has been your work.

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